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New fishing tourism developments are starting in Vas county

The Vas County Association of Sport Angling Associations held its project launch event on Thursday afternoon, September 24, 2020, at the Vaskeresztes Alpine Reception and Fishing Tourism Center, where the planned fishing tourism developments were presented. In the course of the developments implemented from the more than 136 million HUF TOP grant, four new fishing lakes in Vas County will be renewed.

New fishing tourism developments are starting in Vas county

Miklós Seregi, the president of the Vas County Fishermen's Association, thanked the participants and said that it is a "red letter" holiday in the life of fishermen in Vas County today, as we can announce the fact of a successful competition today. The Association has previously implemented nine projects at eight locations out of HUF 110 million in the TOP tender, which has already been won within the framework of the "Vas County Regional Development Strategy" Széchenyi 2020 program. In the current project and Lake Celldömölk will be renewed.

“Not only anglers can be happy with this tender, but also the family members of the anglers, as well as everyone who uses these tools and developments, which we implement from these tenders. Seven years ago, there were hardly more than four thousand of us anglers, and this year we have eleven thousand registered anglers, he said, adding that if we take into account their family members, we can say that only forty thousand people use it here in the county by the Iron County Association. implemented and are responsible for the recreational activities of these families. We have won several projects in recent years, which have enabled eight lakes to be completely renewed and provide a cultured environment for anglers and visitors to the lakes, and in the current project we will be developing in four new locations. ” Miklós Seregi finished his greeting, then asked László Majthényi, President of the Vas County Assembly , to share his thoughts.

„2014. In August, we sat down for the first time to talk to Norbert Puskás about their development ideas. At that time, a very serious professional material was completed, to which the authors also assigned numbers. When the county implementation of the Territorial and Settlement Development Operational Program started, we managed to implement nine projects in eight locations with a more modest amount, HUF 110 million. László Majthényi began his thoughts. He pointed out that the success of the developments can be seen and experienced by everyone who has been fishing around these lakes or has spent time with his family and friends. The chairman of the Vas County General Assembly expressed his joy that we had got there: we managed to include four new locations in the development of fishing tourism within the framework of the TOP. The world has changed a lot in the last four to five months, but it reassures us that the smaller-scale developments that have taken place are still marketable, there is still a demand for them. ”

Ministerial Commissioner Zsolt V., Member of Parliament, expressed his joy in connection with the investments that the developments will affect several points of the county. “The world has changed, and while it’s a fishing tourism development, it won’t be the most important thing about how many guest nights it induces. It is certain and can be shown that fishing tourism is a very developing sector, but it is still the most important element of having fun, here in Vas County, in our own community. ” he said, then pointed out that in the spring there were spectacular changes in two areas: one was that small gardens had never been so well cared for, that village life, activity in our own environment, turning to nature had become more valuable. The other is that so many people have never visited the lakes before. During the epidemic, we realized that there are activities in which we can take care of each other with confidence and do something contrary to it, such as visiting very distant destinations, chasing foreign experiences. Congratulations to the municipalities as well, as the lakes are the scene of useful leisure time, and in Vasvár, for example, it is also connected to other attractions around the lake. "

A TOP-1.2.1-15-VS1-2019-00009. The details of the tender entitled "Fishing tourism developments in Vas county" were presented by Norbert Puskás , the executive chairman of the county fishing association, which now manages 44 fishing waters in Vas and 6 in Zala. it caters to the recreational needs of visitors as much as possible, providing more orderly conditions for spending free time.Fishing developments are for public purposes, the lakes are not fenced, so they can be visited freely by anyone.

In order to develop the waterfront for fishing tourism, roads, car parks, slopes and works of art will be maintained, as well as benches, rest areas and information boards. Based on the study plans prepared for the tender, a total of 162 outdoor elements will be placed and about 6-7 thousand square meters of shoreline will be renovated by the end of next year. At the Abért lakes, on the side facing the lukácsháza, a "fishing car park" will be established, in addition to the fireplace, bench and table sets, an event space, a camp toilet and a selective waste island. The service road required to access the car park will also be repaired at a slower rate. Around Lake Celldömölk, several bench-table sets, play elements and the renovation of the promenade around the lake will make it possible to spend your free time around the lake usefully. Garbage collectors and camp toilets will be installed in the area, the car park will be renovated here as well, and 30 fishing places will be established.

The biggest element of the renewal of Lake Hársas is the development of the electricity network (installation of 840 meters of underground cable, creation of a distribution cabinet and consumption metering point). They make the lake and its surroundings more comfortable with the new fireplace, several bench-table sets around the lake, and a log wood play element. There will be a fishing pier for the disabled and a sun sail to the existing sandpit, as well as a tourist camera. The promenade will be renewed around Vasvári Csónakázó-tó , bacon grills and resting places will be established in two clearing areas. A selective waste island will be established, a camp toilet and a fishing pier with reduced mobility, and an important element of the tender is the construction of a fishing place close to nature and a shoreline of more than four hundred meters. Planting trees, shrubs, and grassing will make the environment more beautiful. As part of the mandatory marketing activities related to the developments, publications, on-line content presenting the renewed fishing waters, as well as maps presenting underwater riverbed conditions will also be available.


-Vas Népe (https://www.vaol.hu/kozelet/helyi-kozelet/ujabb-elentos-vasi-vizparti-fejlesztesek-4294868/)
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New fishing tourism developments are starting in Vas county

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