Fishing rules

Angling order of fishing waters managed by the Vas County Sport Fishing Association (valid from February 1, 2018):


Fishing order in Hungarian >>>


Fishing order in German >>>


Fishing order in English >>>


State ticket and catch diary foreign language guide >>>


In German, the most important rules and guidelines for the catch diary >>>​


The most important fishing legislation:


- 2013 CII. Law on fishery management and the protection of fish >>>​

-133/2013. (XII.29.) VM on laying down certain rules of fishery management >>>​

-13/2001. (V. 9.) KöM decree on protected and highly protected species of flora and fauna, the area of highly protected caves and the publication in the European Community of plant and animal species of conservation significance


Phone numbers of fishing guards:


Celldömölk region: 06/70-33-99-704


Körmend region: 06/70-33-99-705


Szombathely region: 06/70-33-99-706 


Abért-lakes and Csepreg region waters: 06/70-774-45-58


Gersekarát Sárvíz-lake:  06/70-33-99-713


Kerkaszentkirály region: 06/30-969-30-78

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