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Fishing rules

Fishing regulations for fishing waters managed by the Vas County Association of Sport Fishing Associations (Valid: from January 1, 2024):

Information on domestic fish species and their catching possibilities and regulations:

Attention! The general national information below is not comprehensive and does not replace knowledge of the laws and local regulations. Before starting fishing, please familiarize yourself with the local fishing regulations and fishing regulations extract for the given registered fishing water area, which can be found in the HORINFO system as an attachment to the territorial ticket or available at the given website address, or which must be printed based on regulations!

1. Highly protected and protected species: all species of smolts, viza, cuttlefish, smooth mullet, beer mullet, Danube herring, damselfish, pearl mullet, rabbit mullet, stout chub, agile chelle, kurta baing, sujtás küz, Petényi mullet, all species of spokes, rainbow fist, all species of stripers, fen spider, moneyed plover, Danube sparrow, all species of shrike, broad shrike, silky shrike, all species of sparrows; medical leeches, decapod crabs and all native native species of frogs. These protected species cannot be kept, the legal status of their capture entails the initiation of a nature conservation authority procedure!

2. Native catchable fish species : eel, bream, red-winged bream, mullet, bream, bream, bream, bream, bream, bream, bream, plum-nosed bream, garda, bream, bream, mullet, carp, catfish, pike, brown trout, whiting , perch, perch, perch.

Native non-catchable fish species: bream*, crucian carp, cuttlefish.

3. Non-native species of fish: lenny tok, shoveler tok, grass carp, black grass carp, spotted catfish, African catfish, brook sable, rainbow trout, spiny pike, trout perch, all species of gobies. Invasive non-native fish species: roach, silver carp, white and spotted busa, dwarf catfish, black dwarf catfish, sunfish, amurgeb, and hybrids of these species.

Non-native fish species can generally be caught nationally without any size or quantity restrictions, but the issuer of the territorial license can establish stricter regulations in the fishing regulations. If the total amount of fish that can be caught per day is also limited in this fishing order, then once that amount is reached, fishing suitable for the regular catch of invasive species cannot be continued on the given day, as their caught individuals must not be released back.

4. Specific prohibition period, catchable size range and daily catchable quantity of native, catchable fish species:

Size: body length measured from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail. The issuer of the territorial ticket has the right to establish - different from the above - an increased lower and upper size limit, as well as a reduced daily, weekly, monthly and annual quantity limit per species and for all catches.

The most important legislation related to fishing:

Telephone numbers of fisheries guards by region:

  • Celldömölk area: 06/70-33-99-704
  • Körmend area: 06/70-33-99-705
  • Szombathely area: 06/70-33-99-706
  • Abért lakes and water areas in the Csepreg area: 06/70-774-45-58
  • Gersekarát Sárvíz lake: 06/70-33-99-713
  • Kerkaszentkirály area: 06/30-969-30-78


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Phone: 06/94-506-835 Phone: 06/70-33-99-703

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