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Membership forms

Dear Association Leaders, Ticket Commissioners!

You can access our information about the sale of fishing tickets for 2023 and the forms required for accounting throughout the year under the attached documents section of this page.

You will find all our available forms organized in a compressed folder. (If your computer does not have an extraction program, you can download software here: http://www.szoftverbazis.hu/szoftver/7-zip.html)

+ 36 59 324 432



HORINFO Customer Service contact details:
Phone: + 36 59 324 432
E-mail: ugyfelszolgalat@horgaszjegy.hu


If you have any questions, our employees dealing with ticket sales are at your disposal.


MOHOSZ- Fishing Accident Insurance:

The insurance service is provided by the contractual partner of MOHOSZ, UNION Vienna Insurance Group Biztosító Zrt. (1082 Budapest, Baross u. 1.), which has been present on the Hungarian insurance market since 1992 and, thanks to its dynamic growth, has become one of the 10 largest insurance companies in recent years changed. If you use the insurance service after the occurrence of the possible insurance event, you will be in direct contact with UNION Biztosító. You can report your insurance-related questions, comments, and potential problems to the customer service number of UNION Biztosító (+36-1) 486-4343. An insured person is a natural person with a valid fishing card issued by MOHOSZ . The insurer's risk bearing does not cover service claims related to an accident that occurred before the beginning of risk bearing, an accident caused by a pathological condition or congenital abnormalities. The insurer does not apply an age restriction.

The insurer's risk coverage: covers accidents that occur during fishing in registered fishing water areas that are certified for the fishing use of fishing organizations and members with special legal status belonging to the MOHOSZ. The insurer's risk bearing does not apply to water areas not belonging to MOHOSZ.

An accident claimant is available here >>>


MOHOSZ - Fishing tariff packages

We can provide detailed information on the fee packages for MOHOSZ member organizations and anglers at the Federal Office.

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