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Dear Association Leaders, Ticket Commissioners!

You can access our information on fishing line sales for the year 2019 and the necessary forms for settlements throughout the year under the documents section of this page.

In a compressed folder, you will find all of our available forms sorted in order. (If your computer does not have a decompressor, you can download the software here:

+ 36 59 324 432



Catch Records (HFNY) here >>>

If you have any questions, our ticket sales staff is at your disposal.


MOHOSZ- Fishing Accident Insurance:

The insurance service is provided by MOHOSZ's contractual partner, UNION Vienna Insurance Group Insurance Co. Ltd. (1082 Budapest, Baross u. 1.), which has been present in the Hungarian insurance market since 1992 and due to its dynamic growth it has been one of the become. After the occurrence of any insurance event, you will be in direct contact with UNION Insurer if you use the insurance service. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the insurance, please contact UNION Insurance at (+ 36-1) 486-4343. Natural persons with a valid fishing card issued by MOHOSZ are considered to be insured . Insurer's liability coverage does not cover claims for services in the event of an accident that is causally related to an accident, condition or congenital anomaly that occurred before the risk began. The insurer does not apply an age limit.

Risk coverage of the insurer: It is proven to cover accidents occurring while fishing in registered water management waters belonging to MOHOSZ fishermen's organizations, members with special status. The risk coverage of the insurer does not apply to non-MOHOSZ waters.

Balest Claimant is available here >>>


MOHOSZ- Fishing tariff packages


(Note: For business packages MOHOSZ issues a certificate of membership to the association. Certificate can be requested from 061-248-2590 at the Head of Secretariat, Edit Horváthné Végi)


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Vas County Sport Fishing Association
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Fax: +36 94 506 836
Mobile number: +36 70 33 99 703


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