Széchenyi Terv Plusz

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Bed maps

The depth and contours of the bed are illustrated by a map with a coordinate grid. The completed bed maps were also posted on the affected waterfronts, which are also published here in digital form.

With the help of the complex measurement system, we get a perfect picture of the lake in terms of bed depth.

Lukácsházi Abért I lake

Lake Lukácsházi Abért II

Lukácsházi Abért Lakes video presentation:


Lake Celldömölk

Celldömölki lake video presentation:


Téglagyári lake in Csepreg


Lake Hársas in Máriaújfalu

Hársas Lake video presentation in Máriaújfalu:


Szombathely Boathouse and Fishing Lake


Vasvár boating lake

Lake Vasvári II

Vasvári lakes video presentation:


Additional information about creating a riverbed map is available at .

Fishing market

Vas County Sport Fishing Association
Address: 9795 Vaskeresztes 165/4 hrsz.
Phone number: +36 94 506 835
Fax: +36 94 506 836
Mobile number: +36 70 33 99 703



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