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Bed maps

With the help of the complex measurement system, we get a perfect picture of the lake in terms of bed depth. The depth and contours of the bed are illustrated by a map with a coordinate grid. The completed bed maps were also posted on the affected waterfronts, which are also published here in digital form.

Lukácsházi Abért I lake

Lake Lukácsházi Abért II

Lukácsházi Abért Lakes video presentation:

Lake Celldömölk

Celldömölki lake video presentation:

Téglagyári lake in Csepreg

Lake Hársas in Máriaújfalu

Hársas Lake video presentation in Máriaújfalu:

Szombathely Boathouse and Fishing Lake

Vasvár boating lake

Lake Vasvári II

Vasvári lakes video presentation:

Additional information about creating a riverbed map is available at www.mederterkep.com .

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