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TAX 1% donation to support child fishing

Offering 1% PIT doesn't cost you much, but it helps a lot! Unfortunately, only 5 out of 10 taxpayers make use of offering 1% of the tax paid to nonprofits.


Donate 1% of your tax to the Iron County Federation of Sport Fishing Associations.

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How can you have 1 + 1% of your tax?

If an individual has electronic storage, you can submit your application electronically in the simplest way:

  • you can use the online filler on the e-PIT web interface
  • with the FELS Framework Program, by filing, filing, or filing, one copy of the EINF Framework Program with the Form 19EGYA.

You can submit in paper form by mail or in sealed envelopes to the NAV customer service or personally:

  • together with the personal income tax return, using the ONE form,
  • a statement form prepared using a fill-in program on the e-PERS interface and printed,
  • on the form 19EGYA or on a declaration sheet corresponding to its particulars.


Offering 1% PIT doesn't cost you much, but it helps a lot!

We ask that you think of the Federation of Sport Fishing Associations in Iron County in 2020 and offer 1% of their personal income tax to us.

Tax number:


We will spend 1% of the personal income tax on youth education for the following activities:

  • organization of children's and youth camps
  • organization of competitions for children and youth, competitions
  • conducting lectures on educational fishing topics

M ost 1% can help a lot!

Iron County Federation of Sport Fishing Associations 1% of personal income tax

  • In 2010: $ 50.
  • 2011: $ 50.
  • In 2012: $ 459.
  • 2013: $ 159.
  • 2014: $ 10,000.
  • In 2015: $ 50.
  • 2016: $ 45,077.
  • In 2017: $ 50.
  • In 2018: $ 799.

The Association would also like to thank the donors for the support they have devoted to the youth objectives set forth in the statutes - the organization and conducting of competitions and competitions for children and youth. We ask that you continue to think about our Alliance in 2020 and offer 1% of our tax to us.

Updated November 06, 2019



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