EAFRD-LEADER - Non-agricultural development - VP6-19.2.1.-69-8.1.5-17


Project ID: 1965211434

The Vas County Association of Sport Angling Associations has submitted a successful tender for the development of the production and service capacities of non-agricultural micro-enterprises. (Call number: VP6-19.2.1.-69-8.1.5-17)

Development goals of the project:

  • Increasing the competitiveness of the Sport County Association of Sport Fishing Anglers.
  • Service capacity of the Sport Fishing Association provided by the Vas County Association and quality improvement of the provided services.
  • Application of technologies utilizing renewable energy sources, the aim of which is to cover the energy needs of economic processes and in-plant buildings by producing renewable energy.

Activities undertaken within the project:

  • Application of renewable energy technologies - Development of a Smart Solar System, purchase of a 300 l indirect boiler with the possibility of expanding an electric heating cartridge, with a heating cartridge
  • Service development - installation of 8 air conditioners in the guest rooms, corridor and reception area in the building
  • Equipment purchase - purchase of 150 chairs for the event space
  • Provision of information and publicity - Fulfillment of information obligations in accordance with the regulations of Széchenyi 2020
  • Performing project management tasks.

Presentation of the development:

The Alpine Inn and Fishing Tourism Center, in which the Association operates, was built in 2006. As a result of continuous improvements, it has been expanded with a 250 m2 event space and an 80 m2 canopy terrace, as well as a sophisticated park and fishing lake. The building provides a conference room, as well as rooms and apartments for guest house guests.

The Association is constantly developing its economic activities in order to provide the widest possible and high level of services to its users. One of the main directions is the energy modernization of the building, using technologies utilizing renewable energy sources and solar panels. This also contributes to the fact that the services provided in the building will be available in more comfortable conditions for guests, members of the Association, etc. part.

Total project amount:

  • 29.706.223Ft

Extent of project support:

  • 50% intensity

Project grant amount:

  • 14,853,110 Ft

Project implementation period:

  • April 01, 2020 - August 31, 2020

Planned completion date of the project:

  • August 31, 2020

Further information:

  • Norbert Puskás - managing chairman
  • Tel .: + 36 / 94-506-835
  • Fax: + 36 / 94-506-836
  • Mobile: + 36 / 70-33-99-707
  • E-mail: puskas.norbert@vasivizeken.hu
Downloadable Documents

Vas County Sport Fishing Association
Address: 9795 Vaskeresztes 165/4 hrsz.
Phone number: +36 94 506 835
Fax: +36 94 506 836
Mobile number: +36 70 33 99 703
Email: info@vasivizeken.hu
Web: www.vasivizeken.hu


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