General information about the tourist fishing ticket.:

From May 1, 2014, on the website of the National Foodchain-safety Authority (TUHIR) ( ), you can find every information. The tourist public fishing ticket can be requested online for 2000 HUF, according to the applicable law, and payment by bank card is possible.


The ticket, besides the personal data, includes the expiration date, as well as the specific prohibition times in tabular form. There is also an attachment, which includes the catch diary. It is valid for a period of three months from the date of validity. In this period, it may be replaced with an annual ticket at the competent fisheries management authority.


A person using a tourist state ticket can use 1 fishing rod, with up to 3 hooks on it, maximum 3 hooks per piece. One lure net is anabled, that is no bigger than 1 m2.


Attention! Please note the Vas County Fishing Order in Vas County fishing grounds!


Downloadable Documents

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