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Renewable fishing tourism sites in Vas county


The TOP Plusz - Local and regional tourism development c. The project entitled "RENEWABLE FISHING TOURISM SPOTS IN VAS COUNTY" submitted to a call for proposals and registered with the identification number TOP_PLUSZ-1.1.3-21-VS1-2022-00005 will be implemented between January 1, 2024 and December 31, 2025. Within the framework of the project, in accordance with the Vas County Spatial Development Strategy, 7 fishing waters will be developed with the non-refundable grant of HUF 199.92 million from the European Union.

The tourist infrastructure of the Büki fishing lake, the Kőszeg Csónakázó lake, the Kőszeg brick factory lake, the Vassurányi lake, the Sárvár-Rábasömjén fishing lake, the Ikervár section of the Rába river and the Vasvár II fishing lake are being developed within the framework of the Széchenyi Plan Plusz program, in the form of a consortium led by the Vas County Association of Sport Fishing Associations. Members of the consortium: Büki Horgász Egyesület; Kőszeg Sports Fishing Association; Vassurány Sports Fishing Association.

The purpose of the developments is to ensure that the affected fish farming water areas and their environment serve the recreational needs of visitors as well as possible, provide more orderly conditions for spending free time, helping to create conditions close to nature, and striving to maintain them. Small-scale infrastructural interventions in the immediate vicinity of the river section and standing water help to improve the image of the affected settlement, and also expand the recreational opportunities of the population living in the area and the tourists who come there. As a result of the planned developments, in addition to the fishing waters, there will be roads, parking lots, fish ponds, fishing spots, as well as benches, rest areas, fishing spots with limited mobility, camp toilets, event spaces, bacon grills, information boards and other welfare investments.

Based on the preliminary study plans, there will be improvements for fishing tourism on six still waters and one river, as follows: 52 benches, 30 bench sets, 11 covered bench sets, 11 fireplaces - bacon grills, 6 information boards, installation of 6 waste collectors, Installation of 3 fishing piers with limited mobility, 3 covered event spaces (6 X 6 m), and renovation of gravel roads and parking lots on nearly 6,788 m 2 , 28 tree plantings, landscaping - shrubbery - shrub planting - grassing - landscaping 26,165 m 2 , 82 construction of a fishing lodge and jetty, construction of 3 camp toilets and 1 fishing boat mooring, 2 wooden bicycle storage facilities and a selective waste collector, construction of 2 playgrounds.

An important part of the program is the marketing activity, the purpose of which is to present and popularize the results of the development. The planned parts of this are the following: production of 6 drone videos at the implementation locations, production of 1 multilingual joint marketing publication in 5,000 copies; Production of 2,500 marketing pens; 1 publication of a marketing ad in Magyar Horgász magazine. Furthermore, publication of PR articles for marketing purposes in county and regional newspapers; radio ads on county and regional radio stations.

The active tourism opportunity developed by the project, with its year-round availability, reduces the seasonal fluctuations of tourism in the county and contributes to the increase in the number of tourists visiting the area, as well as to the extension of the stay, as well as to the increase in tourism spending in the county of Vas.

The Vas County Association of Sport Fishing Associations, as the project manager leading the consortium, strives with its partners to protect the natural values of the water areas in the area of activity, and to develop and expand its touristic opportunities. Our mission is to offer Vasi Vizek enjoyable recreation and wonderful fishing experiences at affordable prices for all anglers!

More information can be requested:

Norbert Puskás, executive chairman

Phone: +36 70 33 99 707; E-mail:


The study plan for green space developments related to our tender "Renewable fishing tourism sites in Vas County" is available for information via the following link:

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