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Online exchange of fishing tickets

You can buy online daily and weekly area tickets for the water areas of the Vas County Association of Sportfishing Associations 24 hours a day at www.horgaszjegy.hu . The Vas County tickets available online can be easily found by filtering the term VMSZ in the search engine of the internet interface. In order to exchange tickets, you must have a state fishing document valid for this year!



After the date of purchase of regional and additional fishing tickets purchased by anglers in the HORINFO system, the validity of the tickets starts uniformly 30 minutes later, within which time it is possible to cancel the purchased tickets, after that only by the fish management operator issuing the territorial and additional fishing ticket - the according to internal regulations, it is possible to cancel based on the fairness decision of an authorized person.
Individual fairness requests for the cancellation of regional tickets are accepted by post at the Association's headquarters in Vaskeresztes (9795 Vaskeresztes, 165/4. hrsz.) or electronically at the e-mail address info@vasivizeken.hu.


Would you like to try fishing right away?

If you don't have an exam or state license yet, then the following option is for you:

For persons who do not have a fishing license or a valid state license, but intend to fish , we recommend the tourist state fishing license, which can be purchased once a year at a price of HUF 3,500 - for 90 days, for single-rod fishing, for which a daily tourist ticket can be exchanged online for a price of HUF 4,500 to the iron waters.

General information on tourist state fishing license:

From July 1, 2019, the purchase of tourist state fishing tickets is available in HORINFO!

As of July 1, 2019, the possibility of purchasing a tourist state fishing ticket at the NÉBIH has ceased, starting from this date, it is possible to purchase a tourist state fishing ticket in the HORINFO system, exclusively ONLINE, with payment by bank card.

The most important changes are:

  • the purchase of a tourist state fishing ticket is only possible ONLINE from the angler's own, personal profile,
  • the mandatory prerequisite for buying a ticket is the LIVE angler registration and the successful completion of the online knowledge test (exam),
  • It is possible to submit the tourist catch log and record the catch via the ONLINE user account, but it is also possible to record the catch data "OFFLINE" with the involvement of an association administrator.

More details on the subject can be found here: https://horgaszjegy.hu/tourist-hu

In addition to personal data, the ticket includes the issuance and validity period, as well as the specific prohibition times in tabular form. The catch log is attached, the tourist state ticket also requires the regional fishing license for the given water.
It is valid for three months from the date of issue, during which period after passing the state fishing exam - and fulfilling the prerequisites for redeeming the state ticket - a "full-value" state ticket, i.e. for the current year, can be exchanged at any MOHOSZ association after validating the tourist ticket.

A person using a tourist state ticket can use one fishing skill - up to three, each equipped with a maximum three-pronged hook - and at the same time one piece of lifting net for catching bait fish, no larger than 1 m2.

On the Vas County fishing waters, please take into account the Vas County Fishing Regulations!


Vas County Sport Fishing Association
Address: 9795 Vaskeresztes 165/4 hrsz.
Phone number: +36 94 506 835
Fax: +36 94 506 836
Mobile number: +36 70 33 99 703
Email: info@vasivizeken.hu
Web: www.vasivizeken.hu



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