Accounting reports, public benefit reports

Pursuant to the laws in force, the prepared report of the non-governmental organizations and the public benefit annex are required to be deposited by 31 May each year by submitting the report or the public benefit annex electronically (through the so-called Customer Portal) to the National Court Office (1363 Budapest, Pf .24.).

If the non-governmental organization also has its own website, it is obliged to place its report and the public benefit annex on its own website and to ensure its visibility at least until the publication of the data for the second business year following the publication.

OBH makes the data and reports of non-governmental organizations available to everyone free of charge on the website

The official reports of the Iron County Association of Sport Fishing Associations are available below.

Downloadable Documents

Vas County Sport Fishing Association
Address: 9795 Vaskeresztes 165/4 hrsz.
Phone number: +36 94 506 835
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