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It's a good time, and with it, the fishing season. More and more people concentrating on the camping chair are quietly concentrated near the waterfront. But what do you need for successful and enjoyable fishing? The beginners will be assisted by Norbert Puskás, Executive Chairman of the Vas County Association of Sport Fishing Associations.

Before you start, it is good to know the basic rules of this hobby. The most important thing is the issue of the fishing license. "Child anglers do not need a state fishing exam until the age of 14, but it is advisable for them and their parents to study the free online fishing exam course, which details fish species and rules," the executive president began.

However, youth and adult anglers have to take a state fishing exam, which will be free from 2019. The exam, which consists of a written test and an oral fish species identification, must be pre-registered with the federation. The most important information about the exam is below.

Fishing licenses can be obtained from the member associations of the Iron County Federation of Sport Fishing Associations. The list of member organizations can be viewed on the website under the Federation menu, but the Federal Bureau staff will also be happy to help you find a fishing association near you on 06 / 94-506-835 or by emailing .

A fisherman in the family or in a group of friends who introduces the flipping candidate to the fishing secrets can be a great help in learning the practicalities of fishing. There are nearly 430 thousand registered anglers in Hungary, so it is relatively easy to find friends in the circle of friends - says the expert. But according to Norbert Puskás, even if there is no such person in our environment, the experienced fishermen in the member associations of the federation, in the fishing shops and on the shore will also help in obtaining the basic equipment and information.

The basic equipment is very variable, but for those who haven't fished, I would recommend buying a 4-5 meter so-called fishing rod with the corresponding ready-made gear. There is also a need for dredges, fishnets, trolls, buckets, floats, hooks, line and baits, groundbait. This is a basic swim gear, but with it you can try the fish-catching experience, the expert told.

Most sellers in fishing shops are experienced anglers, so they can help you choose the optimum solution by setting a limit on the amount you can spend on equipment. Apart from the equipment, the most important charter is the state fishing mark and the area mark, without which fishing cannot be started.

The state fishing license with compulsory association membership ranges from 6,200 to 11,000 HUF, depending on the membership fee. Those who wish to visit our fishing waters regularly have the opportunity to choose - besides their state ticket - several types of annual fishing tickets, more about them under the fishing permit menu item.

In Vas County 50-60 of the 86 Hungarian fish species can be found, so there is a great variety. Of course, there are species here that are disappearing and are therefore protected or highly protected.

As with all aspects of life, there are certain unwritten rules in addition to the legal requirement for fishing - warns Norbert Puskás. For example, all activities on the waterfront are done in such a way that the wildlife is not, or only minimally harmed, brought home as much fish as is really necessary, the barbecue takes its place in the first order, quietly, disturbs those around them, shows a polite, friendly attitude with their fishing companions and those who are interested, and leaves the fishing area clean when fishing is finished.

Many people still believe that everyone is fishing for fish meat, but this is not the case today - the expert tells us about the misconceptions on the subject. There are an increasing number of anglers who fish the catch and release principle and release all fish caught gently. Anglers are sometimes told not to take care of nature, but most do not litter and take care of the lakes they visit, The amount of fish that can be caught at one time can only be predicted, because it depends on the method, the fishing water and the skill of the angler.In intensively installed fishing water, up to 10-15 carp a day can catch less common fish if we go for peaceful fish.

As we have written, the fate of the fish we catch can be many: there are some who release their catch after a photo shoot, but there are also trolls who can make excellent fish dishes from their catch.

If you are interested in fishing then you can visit several Vas County locations.

"I would recommend the river Rába and the Pinka stream to the lovers of whitewater, and to the standing water anglers the Gersekarát Mud Lake, the Lukácsháza Abert Lakes, the Vadsa Lake in the beautiful surroundings of the Őrség and the Puszás Adviser."


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