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Useful information for beginning anglers and examinees

The good weather is here, and with it the fishing season. You can meet more and more people quietly concentrating and sitting in camping chairs near the water's edge. But what do you need for successful and enjoyable fishing? Norbert Puskás, executive president of the Vas County Association of Sport Fishing Associations, offers help to beginners.

Before you start, it doesn't hurt to be aware of the basic rules of this hobby. The most important thing is the fishing license issue. "Child anglers do not need to take a state fishing exam until the age of 14, but it is advisable for them and their parents to study the free online fishing exam curriculum, in which the fish species and the rules can be learned in detail", - began the presentation of the executive chairman.

However, youth and adult anglers must take a state fishing exam, which is free from 2019. The exam, which consists of a written test and an oral fish species recognition test, must be registered with the association in advance. The most important information about the exam can be found below the article.

Fishing licenses can be obtained from member associations of the Vas County Association of Sport Fishing Associations. The list of member organizations can be viewed on the website under the Association menu item, but the staff of the Association Office are also happy to help you find the nearest fishing association at 06/94-506-835 or at the e-mail address .

An angler in the family or in a group of friends can be a great help in learning the practical knowledge of fishing, who introduces the pec candidate to the mysteries of fishing. There are nearly 800,000 registered anglers in Hungary, so it is relatively easy to find pecs in your circle of friends, says the expert. But according to Norbert Puskás, if there is no such person in our environment, experienced fishermen in the association's member associations, fishing shops and on the waterfront can also help in acquiring basic equipment and information.

The basic equipment varies a lot, but for those who haven't fished yet, I would recommend that you buy a 4-5 meter long, so-called spicc rod with the associated ready-made rigs. You also need a diving bag, a fish holding bag, a hook releaser, a bucket, a spare float, a hook, a fishing line and bait, and food. This is basic swimming equipment, but with it you can already try the experience of catching fish - the specialist revealed.

The majority of salespeople in fishing shops are experienced fishermen, so they can help you choose the optimal solution in addition to specifying the amount that can be spent on equipment. In addition to the equipment, the most important documents are the state fishing license and the territorial license, without which you cannot start fishing.

The state fishing license with the mandatory association membership costs HUF 12,000-13,000, depending on the association membership fee. Those who wish to regularly visit our fishing waters have the option - in addition to their state ticket - to choose from several types of annual fishing tickets, more about them under the fishing license-fishing tickets and prices menu item.

50-60 of the 86 domestic fish species can be found in Vas County, so there is a wide selection. Of course, there are also species here that are in danger of disappearing, which is why they are protected or have been classified as highly protected.

As in all areas of life, certain unwritten rules apply to fishing in addition to the legal requirements - warns Norbert Puskás. For example, we carry out all activities on the waterfront in such a way that the wildlife is not harmed, or only as little as possible, take home as many fish as are really necessary, the pecás occupies his fishing spot in the order of arrival, quietly, does not form the right to benefits, does not disturbs those in their surroundings, behaves politely and friendly with fellow anglers and interested parties, and leaves the fishing spot clean after finishing fishing.

Even now, many people think that everyone fishes for fish meat, but this is not true these days - the specialist tells about the misconceptions on the subject. There is an increasing number of anglers who follow the "catch and release" principle and gently release every fish they catch. Anglers are sometimes said not to take care of natural values, but the majority do not litter and take care of the lakes they visit, The amount of fish that can be caught at one time can only be guessed, because it depends on the method, the fishing water and the skill of the angler.

As we wrote, the fate of caught fish can be different: some people release their catch after taking photos, but there are also anglers who can make excellent fish dishes from their catch.

If you feel like fishing after that, you can visit several locations in Vas County.

"I would recommend the Rába river and the Pinka stream for those who like wild waters, and for still-water anglers the Sárvíz lake in Gersekarát, the Abért lakes in Lukácsháza, the Vadása lake in the wonderful surroundings of Őrség, and the reservoir in Máriaujfalusi," advises Norbert Puskás.


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