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On Saturday, the developments of Lake Celldömölk were ceremoniously handed over

2022.03.14. Share

The ceremonial handover of the developments around Lake Celldömölk took place on Saturday, March 12, 2022. Despite the nice, cheerful but cold weather, there were plenty of people visiting the event. On behalf of the Vas County Association of Sport Angling Associations, Nóra Perlaki greeted the guests: Péter Ágh, Member of Parliament of the region, László Majthényi, Speaker of the Vas County Assembly, László Fehér, mayor of Celldömölk, municipal representatives, association officials, and all those interested.

He then asked Péter Ágh to say his greeting. "I would like to congratulate the fishermen of Celldömölk, as the town has been enriched with a very nice place, and perhaps the greatest merit of this is to you, the fishermen of Celldömölk, who have filled this place with life." - Péter Ágh began his greeting, then said that he also congratulates the county assembly, as a lot has been done in the recent past to make developments similar to those of Celldömölk from TOP sources throughout Vas County. “12 sites were affected by the kind of development that also took place in Celldömölk. I think that this has helped fishermen everywhere to catch fish in a more beautiful environment and, on the other hand, to allow those settlements to expand with more beautiful and better locations. So it is here: the area around this lake has become one of the wedges of the city. We hope that it will be able to come alive in the future, for which everything is given: there are playground equipment and various resting places. - said the member of parliament of the region, then pointed out that this location is also proof that in recent years there has been a successful joint work on the part of both county and local governments in order for Celldömölk to develop more and more step by step.

László Majthényi remembered: in August 2015, Norbert Puskás and his colleagues prepared a development material on how to improve the fishing waters of Vas County. “Within the framework of the Vas County Settlement Development Operational Program, the implementation of this program started five years ago, and fishing places and fishing waters were renewed or will be renewed in two stages. I am very pleased - and I am very grateful to the county sport anglers, the local sport anglers and the local government of Celldömölk - that the foundations for the successful implementation of this tender have been established, " László Majthényi recalled, adding that the real results of this development will be "I really hope that more and more people will be able to come out around the lake so that it can be not only a fishing but also a family program: here the conditions have been created." He said, then thanked everyone who had been involved in the project for his work.
László Fehér, the mayor of Celldömölk, greeted the guests, the sport anglers, the participants in the investment, and all those who contributed to the beautification of Lake Celldömölk and its surroundings. “There’s a saying that whoever declares that you can’t buy happiness for money has never bought a fishing rod. We can call this place an island of happiness, because the fishermen come here to relax and experience their passion. In the last decade, many have come here to fish, and passion has been inherited within the family. Many people ran around the lake, and used to be a dog runner by the lake. ” Said the mayor of Celldömölk, then pointed out that the 1.5-hectare lake was always special, reaching a depth of four meters in some places. He was pleased that the Association of Sport Fishing Associations of Vas County renewed the fishing lake in Celldömölk in addition to the three other lakes in the HUF 136.5 million EU project. He thanked the county assembly for its work, as without them the development would not have been possible. "Every angler catches huge carp, mostly when no one has seen it." - quoted László Fehér, then added: carp planting will start at the lake in a short time, so it will definitely be possible in this lake. To end his greeting, he wished everyone a good time around the lake.
After greeting the guests and gatherers, Miklós Seregi expressed his joy that the number of fishermen in the county is constantly growing, and last year eleven thousand to five hundred fishing members were registered. “If their family members visit the area around the lakes with the fishermen, we are now responsible for the recreation area of forty to fifty thousand citizens of Vas County at the county level. It puts quite a lot of social responsibility on our shoulders and determines our tasks, our annual projects, year after year. ” - the president of the Vas County Association of Sport Fishing Associations began his thoughts, then added: In order to be able to enchant such beautiful lakes and environments, it is necessary to support the Government of Hungary, it is necessary for the Vas County Assembly and the Member of Parliament to take an active part in this and to support the fishermen of Vas County. I would like to thank all the anglers of Vas County for this. ” - said Miklós Seregi, then expressed the hope that as they had worked together in the previous four years, the work would continue together in the next four years, and that many such inauguration ceremonies could be held, as this is a for the benefit of its audience.
Finally, he asked everyone: those who spend their free time here to protect this beautiful environment. Norbert Puskás greeted the participants and also greeted the children who visited the event. “In Vas county, eight fishing lakes were able to be renewed for the first time within the framework of the TOP project. Lake Vasvár was completed and received a total of HUF 136.5 million in support in 2020. Today, on the shores of Lake Celldömölk, we can hand over the development, in which 4 shingle log bench-table sets, 6 bench-table sets, 10 back-bench benches, 1 log-playing slide with a swing, 5 waste collectors and 3 fire pits were placed. . Furthermore, the rubble car park was renovated on 500 m2 and the promenade around the lake was renewed for 500 m, as well as 3 wooden stairs. Around the lake, 30 muddy fishing spots replace the old reed darts. In the absence of sanitation, we also set up a camp toilet in the area. The gross cost of the investment is HUF 21.06 million, ” explained the details of the project. thousands visit in a year, even those who are not anglers. “ Together with our anglers, we have a responsibility to create environmentally conscious recreational areas for everyone. We thank the Government of Hungary, the European Union and the local government for their support. Special thanks to the local fishing association and the local fishermen for their help in the community work so far. I would like to congratulate the Association of Celldömölk that, as a continuation of this investment, the small lake next to us will be completely renovated and put in order, and these two lakes will serve the needs of anglers even better in a renewed form. ”
The greeting speeches were followed by a ceremonial ribbon-cutting, followed by the ceremonial release of 250 kg of extra-sized carp between 5-8 kg individual weight, followed by the installation of 300 kg, 1.3-3 kg of three summer carp. and Lake Celldömölk. We wish a successful fishing season to all our fellow anglers!

Photo: Gina Nagy - Lendesign
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