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The Hungarian National Fishing Association (MOHOSZ) was established in 1946, which has been operation since then. By the end of first year of operation it had 17.000 members. Following the initial rapid social policy demand, had about six decades of a solid 300.000 members, then since 2015 has increased, in 2018 it has reached 444.000. With this number of people, MOHOSZ is today the largest civil organization in Hungary. The Association – as a strategic partner of the Ministry of Agriculture – currently has about 1200 fishing clubs, 28 member associations and 9 business association with special rights, which is a lobby, and does coordinative and service tasks.


In addition to the basic task, it is worth mentioning two significant other organizational activities, that make the organization unique.


One is the newspaper publishing. In January 1947, MOHOSZ has launched the magazine “Magyar Horgász”, the aim of which was to promote the anglers culture and to present the news of fishing life.


The other is sports organization. It is important to mention that MOHOSZ has introduced the definition of “sport fishing” to the recreational and mass sports category of fishing, and the officially recognized sporting activity as sport fishing. This is, according to the Association and the National Olympic Committee, a “not Olympic sport” (MOB NOS), and has over 2000 sportsmen. It is member of the European Fishing Federation (EAF), International Sport Fishing Association (CIPS) and its three sections: the International Freshwater Fishing Federation (FIPSed), the International Maritime Fishing Federation (FIPSMer) and the International Sea Fishing Federation (FIPSMouche). Another international element is the membership of the International Casting Sports Federation (ICSF) and the Alps-Adriatic Sport Fishing Association.


Angling in Hungary with family members involves 1 million people, thinking about common recreation or even eating the fish caught. Besides Hungarian fishermen, thousands of international ones come too, typically in the tourist high season.


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MOHOSZ – For the sake and protection of waters, fishes and anglers!

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