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Tenders, grants

By the Vas County Association of Sport Fishing Associations

tenders and grants awarded in the last 10 years

Year 2012

Application ID: 8275097435

Title: Subsidy for the preservation of the net value of wages in 2012.

Year of award: 2012.

Amount: HUF 301,523

Total project costs: HUF 301,523

Call/program name: Wage compensation application system

Year 2013

Application ID: ZÖ2012/54

Title: Creation of a lakeside community park in Pinkamindszent with volunteer work.

Year of award: 2013.

Amount: HUF 580,000

Total project costs: HUF 750,594

Call/program name: Green belt program Ökotárs Foundation

year 2014

Application ID: UV-B1-13-24/2014.

Title: Sports fishing programs in the new city park IVSIII Construction of a new city park in Szombathely mini-project

Year of award: 2014.

Amount: HUF 797,154

Total project costs: HUF 797,154

Call/program name: NYDOP-3.1.1/B1-13-k-2013-0007

Separated in the framework of an urban rehabilitation project

Program sheet

Application ID: TÁMOP-1.4.1-12/1-2013-0456

Address: Vas County Fishing Association occupation

strengthening its capacity

Year of award: 2014.

Amount: HUF 7,542,928

Total project costs: HUF 7,542,928

Call/program name: Social renewal operational program non-profit

organization human resource development support.

Application ID: 1697313925

Title: Fishing collaborations from Pinka to Lake Venice

Year of award: 2014.

Amount: HUF 6,784,303

Total project costs: HUF 6,784,303

Call/program name: Darányi Ignác plan Leader between regions

cooperation 2013 program.

Application ID: 1649075015

Title: Fish protection of rural fishing waters and public benefit

vehicle in order to use it for community purposes


Year of award: 2014.

Amount: HUF 6,182,719

Total project costs: HUF 6,182,719

Call/programme name: European Agricultural Rural Development Fund


Application identifier: ÉlfF/421-69/2015

Title: Application of an NGO that protects against ragweed

Award year: 2015.

Amount: HUF 5,000,000

Total cost of the project: HUF 5,000,000

Call/program name: Public interest defense against FM ragweed

supporting its implementation

Year 2016

Application ID: TOP-1.2.1-15-VS1-2016-00001

Title: "Fishing tourism developments in Vasi waters"

Award year: 2016.

Amount: HUF 109,999,914

Total project costs: HUF 109,999,914

Call/program name: Code number TOP-1.2.1-15 "Social and environmental

sustainable tourism development"

Year 2017

Application identifier: MOHOSZ-TABOR-2017.

Title: "Fishing camp on iron waters"

Award year: 2017.

Amount: HUF 400,000

Total project costs: HUF 1,025,000

Call/program name: 2017 grant application for the organization of MOHOSZ children's and youth fishing camps

Tender identifier: MOHOSZ-FM-HALŐRI ESZKÖZ-2017.

Title: "Purchase of fishing equipment"

Award year: 2017.

Amount: HUF 2,074,760

Total project costs: HUF 2,977,912

Call/program name: FM. - MOHOSZ - Aid for the purchase of equipment for fisheries conservation

year 2018

Application identifier: MOHOSZ-TABOR-2018.

Title: "Fishing camp on iron waters"

Award year: 2018.

Amount: HUF 450,000

Total project costs: HUF 1,017,451

Call/program name: 2018 grant application for the organization of MOHOSZ children and youth fishing camps

year 2019

Application identifier: MOHOSZ-HUNOP-2019.

Title: "Fishing camp on iron waters"

Award year: 2019.

Amount: HUF 500,000

Total project costs: HUF 1,077,145

Call/program name: 2019 grant application for the organization of MOHOSZ children and youth fishing camps

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