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Fisheries guards with law enforcement examination

Based on the provisions of the law on law enforcement, the fishery guard is considered a person performing law enforcement duties and is employed by the fish management authority. There can be several types of assignment (mandate or employment contract) and a legal relationship can also be established. It is important to know that the fishing guard can also check on state and other water areas, as well as on fish ponds.

Fishing guards of the Vas County Association of Sport Fishing Associations who passed the law enforcement examination:

NAME Duty station Phone
János Csótár The area of Lenti and Kerkaszentkirály 30/9693078
István Fördős Szombathely and its area 70/3399706
Tamás Karácsony Celldömölk and its area 70/3399704
József Mesterházy County of Vas 30/3110640
Benjamin Seregi The area of Szombathely and Lukácsháza 30/5643361
Károly Sipos Körmend and its region 70/3399705
Balázs Szekers Szombathely area 30/8766176
Miklós Emil Tóth The area of Lukácsháza and Csepreg 70/7744558
Pass Robert Körmend and its region 30/7805225
Daniel Szabo Gersekarát and Vasvár area 30/4691162

Fishery guards commissioned in cooperation with the Vas County Association of Sport Fishing Associations:

Name Duty station Service card number Service badge number Phone number
Béla Kovács Kőszeg and its area RSZ1089934 70511 202813340
Attila Rába Kőszeg and its area RSZ1089937 70513 304541181
Tamás Fider Kőszeg and its area RSZ1089935 70512 205736417
Robert Simon The area of Ölbő and Srávár RSZ112472 71429 304833178
Lajos Horváth The area of Ölbő and Srávár RSZ112471 71420 307586486
Tamás Géczi The area of Ölbő and Srávár RSZ112470 71418 706033640

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