However, fishing developments begin next to lakes

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Last Friday, despite the extremely cold, the TOP-1.2.1-15-VS1-2019-00009, won by the Iron County Association of Sport Fishing Anglers' Associations last autumn, took place. Handover of the work area of the first implementation site of the project “Fishing tourism developments in Vas county” no.

However, fishing developments begin next to lakes

In the parking lot next to the Abért lakes, the managing chairman Norbert Puskás greeted the participants on behalf of the investor and according to the professional guidelines of the technical inspector János Benkő, the work area was handed over to the awarded Vizéptek Bt. Actual work is expected to begin in early March and last until the end of April, depending on weather conditions.

Officially established by the Western Transdanubia Water Directorate in 2010, officially Abért I. and II. In addition to sport fishing, the fishery water area called Lake Balaton is an excellent and accessible recreational place for significant masses. The area of the popular excursion place consisting of two lakes on the outskirts of Kőszeg will now increase with a gross welfare development worth HUF 21 million, based on the tender of the Vas County Association of Sport Fishing Anglers.

Within the framework of the development, a swamp area suitable for parking for anglers, as well as a resting area for fishing competitions, will be created on the upper side of the lake's pit house. The environment of the regularly maintained lake will be supplemented with the following equipment within the framework of the tender:

  • 2 sets of shingles with a shingle roof - a table with a bench and a roof suitable for 6-8 people;
  • 1 6x6 m solid-bed paved rainfall - for a designated event space in the south-eastern part of the lake;
  • 12 bench-table sets in the vicinity of the event space;
  • 20 backrest benches around the lakes on the fishing sections;
  • 2 fireplaces with concrete foundation;
  • 1 selective waste collection island;
  • 1 camp toilet;
  • 2 larger information boards;

In addition to the above, the following will take place around the lake and the event space:

  • To renovate 1 previous information board;
  • to renovate the 545 m2 surface of the "fishing car park" with crushed stone, 15 cm thick;
  • to repair a service road parallel to the cycle path with a length of 426 m (1278 m2), 10 cm thick;
  • 32 m2 for shrub planting;
  • 300 m2 area for grassing, lawn renovation;
  • 880 m2 area for landscaping and preparation;
  • For planting 2 large trees.

Following the investment in Lake Abért, further developments will take place along Lake Hársas, Lake Celldömölk and Lake Vasvár within the framework of the tender. The aim of the planned developments, as before, is once again that the renewable fishing lakes and their surroundings serve the recreational needs of the visitors as much as possible, providing more orderly conditions for spending their free time. Developments for fishing purposes are not only in the interests of anglers, as the lakes are not fenced, so the renewed waterfront can be visited and used freely by anyone.

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