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Buy a nice fishing ticket with a card

Dear Comrade!

The regional fishing tickets of the Vas County Association of Sport Angling Associations can also be purchased with MKB, OTP, K&H SZÉP cards . The Government has extended the passage between the individual sub-accounts of the Szép Card, so that until September 30, 2022, our 2022 regional tickets can be paid from any pocket of the card (accommodation, catering, leisure). Unfortunately, due to legal requirements, the purchase of a Federal Territorial Ticket at our ticketing member organizations has not been resolved, so it can be arranged directly at our Association.

It is important that in order to purchase the selected area ticket, all obligations must be fulfilled in the fishing association of your choice state ticket (HUF 300 / HUF 3,300 / HUF 6,300), membership fee, MOHOSZ ESZH fee (HUF 3,000).

If you meet these conditions, there are three ways you can purchase your area fishing ticket. First option, after appointment, in person at the reception time / Reception: Monday: Monday: 8:15 - 15:30
Tuesday: 8:15 - 15:45 / Wednesday: 8:15 - 15:45 / Thursday: 8:15 - 15:45 / Friday: 8:15 - 14: 45 / visit our Association at our headquarters, or alternatively visit the request the call of the given area ticket fee to the Association with the help of the line advance payment system.

The third option is to provide us with the data according to the enclosed form by phone / email and our Association will complete the transaction and then send you the selected area ticket.

Customer data sheet can be downloaded by clicking here

It is important to know

  • in the case of an annual regional ticket purchase in person, the fishing ticket will be immediately available, provided that the fisherman can prove the payment of the obligatory association fees.
  • in the case of internet, prepayment and telephone administration, the Association will check that the related fees have been collected. If everything is in order, you will accept the call and mail the fisherman's area ticket to the address he / she has provided.

The bank issuing the SZÉP Card and, on request, our Association can also provide detailed information on the Internet prepayment.

In order to ensure a quick and efficient administration compared to the legal possibilities, please contact the fishing staff of the Association at the following contact details:

Central telephone number: 06 / 94-506-835

Judge Németh Németh - 06 / 70-33-99-708

E-mail: zászarne.nemeth.judit@vasivizeken.hu



With the help of the OTP SZÉP Card, we can settle the costs of our area fishing ticket from the leisure sub-accounts without using cash. The option of advance / prepayment has also become available for SZÉP Card holders.

Advance payment with OTP SZÉP Card:

To use the advance payment function, all you need to do is register the main card holder (employee) on the OTP SZÉP Card Employee page. To make a SZÉP Card advance payment, the cardholder must do the following.

  • Login to the online interface of the OTP SZÉP Card as a registered cardholder;
  • Use the Prepayment menu item in the menu on the left to select the service provider / Association /


  • After selecting the Service Provider / Association / according to the Search for Acceptance Locations menu item, then selecting the "Advance Payment" button
  • Enter the exact amount of the down payment and complete the transaction.
    After identifying the point of acceptance and providing the card details, the amount of the deposit can be transferred in the OTPdirekt system. A receipt is created for the transfer, which the cardholder can print out. It is recommended to keep this receipt handy until the ticket arrives.

Prepayment with MKB SZÉP Card:

Prepayment is made via the Internet in the physical absence of the Service Provider / Association / and the Cardholder. The Service Provider and the Cardholder agree on the terms of the service, in which case the Service Provider will ask the Cardholder for the “Identification Number” printed on his card (not the same as the card number!) For authorization. Confirm the payment separately via the Cardholder's menu item using the "Prepayment ID" received from the service provider in the Card Center.


Prepayment with K&H Bank Szép Card:

In connection with the prepayment, the holders of the K&H Bank Szép Card have the following option: Please inform the Service Provider of your - as Cardholder - card number, the amount to be paid and which sub-account you wish to use for the booking. After that, the given Service Provider will start the transaction using your data on the web interface / telephone administration of the card acceptor. Upon successful acceptance, both you and the Association will receive a reference number to identify your bank at any time.


We are not responsible for any changes, you can get accurate information from your Bank at the given customer service numbers.

  • OTP SZÉP Card customer line - Tel .: +36 1 429 7400/2
  • MKB SZÉP Card customer line - Tel .: +36 1 268 7272
  • K&H SZÉP Card customer line - Tel .: +36 1 335 3355
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