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Information for preparing for the fishing exam

The history of the examination of basic fishing knowledge goes back several decades. In the beginning, the examination was conducted mainly at the associations. After the successful examination, its documentation was recorded in the fishing certificate with an entry and seal. Since the nineties, the "Fishing Exam Certificate" issued by the authority certifies the existence of the exam. If you have taken an exam once in your life and can prove it with a fishing certificate, you do not need to take a new exam even after several decades.

The fishing test is required by the 2013 CII. Section 40 (2) of the Act (on Fish Management and Fish Protection) stipulates as follows:

"A state fishing license can be obtained by a person who has a fishing license or presents a previous valid state fishing license, proves his membership in a fishing organization and has submitted his catch log. The state fishing exam can be verified with the exam certificate issued by the fisheries authority, and the exam taken in another country with the certificate or fishing document issued to that effect."

​Official preparatory study material is available here >>>

The fishing test defined below does not apply to persons with intellectual disabilities, and in the case of issuing a state fishing license to persons who have not reached the age of 15 from the age of three until December 31 of the given year, the above provisions shall not be applied.

In order for someone to become an adult fisherman, the basic condition is to pass the fishing exam. Once this is in place, it will be possible to exchange a State fishing license for anglers who have reached the age of 15.

In addition to the legal requirements, the fishing exam is also important because, in addition to the simple interest of the person who wants to fish, during the preparation, he acquires some proficiency and knowledge about the basics of fishing, fish, aquatic environment, nature conservation, fishing ethics, and legal regulations. The angler who has passed the exam therefore arrives at the water's edge prepared, where he can begin gathering experience and filling theoretical knowledge with content. The new law allows children over the age of 10 to take a fishing test. If Hhvtv. According to § 40, paragraph (3), a person who is at least 10 years old takes a fishing test, must be considered a youth angler and is entitled to the discounted fee specified in point 6 of Annex 12."

Attila Nagy is the first successful examiner at the Association in the new system. On May 16, 2014, he can be seen in the photo with his beloved and the examiner fishing forever...

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