The environment around Lake Nardai was developed with the support of Leader

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In the spring of this year, the Vas County Federation of Sport Fishing Associations and the Iron Cross and Narda municipalities successfully applied for a call for proposals for the Pannon Experience Program - Complex Thematic Tourism Development (VP6-19.2.1.-69-8.1.1-17) .

The environment around Lake Nardai was developed with the support of Leader

The 18.4 million HUF Leader tender for ecotourism development along the Vas Hill , with 80% support intensity, provided a financial resource of 14.73 million HUF for the implementation of all tourism investments. Leadership in the consortium was carried out within the partnership by the Iron County Federation of Sport Fishing Associations.

The ecotourism project won under the Széchenyi 2020 program - with support of nearly four million HUF - was officially handed over last Saturday in Nardan. During the presentation ceremony, the mayor of Narda, Krisztina Glavanics , greeted the participants and welcomed Miklós Seregi , president of the Vas County Association of Sport Fishing Associations, Imre Krancz , mayor of the Iron Cross, Miklós Nemes , and Narda Executive Chairman of the Vas County Association of Associations.

“We can make a small but significant investment today,” Norbert Puskás began his thoughts, and then thanked the mayor of Narda and Vaskeresztes for working together.

He said that here in Nardan, candelabra with solar panels with twilight switches were installed and an outdoor fitness element consisting of four elements was placed. There is also a bench table set, a drinking fountain and a barbecue grill around the lake, and an information board at the entrance from Határ Road will help visitors.

“One year ago, we jointly submitted this application with the threefold objective: We wanted to submit a tourism application that enhances the comfort of anglers, tourists and residents of the area and makes the time spent here useful. In this, Narda focused on health and renewable energies, ” said Norbert Puskás, executive chairman , then referred to the Iron Cross developments to be handed over next Saturday: there was an extension of the fishing pond, a renovation of the Pinka oxbow and and at the foot of Vas Hill, resting places were established.


The project also purchased 20 bicycles, 20 tents for fishing and eco camps at the Association's Iron Tourist Center in Iron Cross. Both municipalities and the Iron County Association of Sport Fishing Associations have made every effort to make this project a reality. Finally, after the speeches, President Miklós Seregi handed over to Krisztina Glavanics , head of the settlement Narda, a certificate of appreciation and thanked the participants for their work.

The ceremony was followed by a colorful cultural show featuring Croatian national dances and a children's dance group.

Thank you for your support!

Photo: Gina Nagy - LENDESIGN



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