Sales of 2021 tickets for iron waters have started

2021.01.10. Share

We have previously provided information on the prices and types of fishing tickets for 2021, as well as the contact details of ticket sales points. In the last period, we delivered a total of 3,800 state fishing documents to the points of sale with the help of postal and fishermen. The state fishing tickets were also handed over in the HORINFO system, and we produced most of our previously available regional tickets electronically in accordance with MOHOSZ regulations, the sale of which is also unhindered in January.

Some of our regional tickets will be available in a traditional paper-based version, even this year, but most of the tickets will be produced electronically in the associations, at ticket sales points. The state fishing document and catch log are available to everyone on paper nationwide. In the year of the introduction of the new electronic area ticket sales system, our Association required the printing of all area tickets.   Each electronically produced and sold area fishing ticket consists of 1 A / 4 page and the corresponding 1-page fishing policy extract. Thus, a total of 2 A / 4 pages will be an area ticket, and we will continue to provide the issued booklet-like printed fishing order so that all our anglers receive proper information. Please check your redeemed area tickets more closely this year so that you do not accidentally find out that an incorrect ticket has been issued or purchased. It is important to know that the electronic area ticket purchased in the HORINFO system can be reprinted, viewed and queried at any time in the profile of all anglers.

With the state fishing ticket renewed for 2021, the possibility of exchanging tickets online will remain. / interface. In the first round, our association will start selling short-term (daily, weekly) tickets, so that guest anglers and peccaries who do not change their annual area ticket can conveniently get an area ticket. When shopping online, the payment method via the HORINFO system is only possible by credit card.

For any questions regarding the HORINFO E-area ticket system and online ticket purchase, we are at your office during working hours.

Attention! During the epidemic situation caused by the new type of coronavirus, as an emergency, be patient when changing tickets and keep minors away from min. Arrive at the association's sales outlets at a distance of 2 meters, and in each case in a mask covering the mouth and nose. Be informed in advance about the customer acceptance policy of the associations and strictly adhere to the specific regulations of the ticket offices.

Let’s take care of each other so we can meet Everyone on the banks of the Iron Waters in 2021!

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