Nuances decided in the final round at Gersekarat

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Last week in Gersekarat, the last round of the county competition called "Vasi Waters Watersports" took place in Gersekarat, where nearly 50 anglers participated. Unfortunately, the fish were not very active this time, resulting in rather poor catch results.

Nuances decided in the final round at Gersekarat

On the second Sunday in September, despite the cool morning, fishermen gathered enthusiastically on the shore of the Sárvíz Lake in Gersekarát. The adult hobby category was once again the most populated with its 30 starters, 9 of the racers and 7 of the juniors.

After the usual technical briefing and presentation of the system, the competitors pulled out their starting positions one by one and started the preparation period of almost 2 hours. During this time, the groundbaits were mixed, the rigs assembled, and the competition tactics of the day were elaborated.

Several strategies have been devised by the peckers. In the adult hobby category, they focused on catching bigger fish. Some used a match stick, some tried to trap a couple of bigger carp on the hook.

It wasn't a simple stunt, as it turned out later. However, the more fortunate, skilful beagle managed to steal some of the carp, and some of the more generous bream could be a great advantage in weighing.
Gábor Bálint (Körmendi Worker HE.) Proved to be the best adult hobby competitor with his catch of 8440 kg .

The fate of the second place was decided under very strange circumstances. The balance was 560 grams for Imre Tóth (Répcementi HE.) And Sándor Horváth (Border Guard SHE), who applied for the first place in sector "B". On the other hand, during the re-measurement they were a little less than Imre Tóth's second place, thus not only falling in the sector's first place but also in the overall podium, while his competitor could be awarded a silver medal. In the third place László Pajlti (Spartacus HE.) , With 500 grams , took the first place in the sector "A" .

Racers - as in recent years - have tended to be dominated by the small fish peca. During the 4 hours available, they tried to catch as many small fish, snecons and red-bream as possible.

Against the backdrop of "poor fish" in the Vasi Waters Cup this time of year, it was no easy task either.
Ákos Kovács (HE Bük) won his category with almost 4 kilograms of tiny fish, including many small balins.

Second place Zoltán Török (Electricians SHE.) With 2990 grams, third place Péter Kovács (Electricians SHE.)   1350 grams.

The youngsters were very exposed, with Marcell Varga (Spartacus HE.) Taking first place with the biggest fish caught in the race, with a pearly beautiful amur over 4 kg .

Runner-up Péter Kozár (Körmend Worker HE) also managed to catch a larger carp, weighing 2900 grams . The bronze medal was won by Norbert Misák (Bük HE.) With 730 grams.

During the announcement of the results, the fishermen who took the place could take the cups, medals, diplomas from the executive president Norbert Puskás . a lakeside gift voucher.

Congratulations to all participants!

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