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The environment of fishing waters can be renewed at six iron sites

2024.05.30. Share

With the support of TOP Plusz, the Vas County Association of Sportfishing Associations implements developments for tourism purposes at six Vas locations. To kick off the project, a press conference was held in the Sárvár Arena for the affected settlements and interested parties.

The environment of fishing waters can be renewed at six iron sites

In the project "Renewable fishing tourism sites in Vas county", it will be implemented in six locations: Bük, at the fishing lake, in Kőszeg in the vicinity of the Csónázátó lake and the brick factory lake, at the Vassurány lake, at the Sárvár-Rábasömjén fishing lake, at the Rába twin-vár section and at the Vasvár II fishing lake development of tourist infrastructure with nearly HUF 200 million in support from the Hungarian Government and the European Union. The tender is implemented in the form of a consortium under the leadership of the Vas County Association of Sport Fishing Associations. Members of the consortium: Büki Fishing Association, Kőszegi Sport Fishing Association, Vassurányi Sport Fishing Association.

At the project's opening press conference , Miklós Seregi, the president of the Vas County Association of Sports Fishing Associations , emphasized that in tourism, the fishermen must be taken into account, since the Association, considering the family members of the fishermen, has in mind the interests of more than 40,000 nature-loving residents of Vas and Zala counties, who certainly have several fishing lakes. they also visit during family recreation and fishing.

László Majthényi, the chairman of the Vas County Assembly , recalled that the current project was preceded by two previous TOP investments - in which the waterside environment and infrastructure were renewed at a cost of approximately HUF 250 million in 13 locations.

At the press conference , the mayor of Kondora István Sárvár expressed his joy that the Rábasömjén lake was included in the project, and then added: fishing tourism can be another segment of the city's tourist life, so the city can only win with the investment.

State Secretary Zsolt V. Németh, Member of Parliament, said about the Rába section in Ikervár: in our county, the Rába offers anglers the widest range of opportunities for whitewater fishing, so it is a great pleasure that new developments can be realized in Ikervár as well.

Péter Ágh, State Secretary and Member of Parliament , also appeared at the event, who expressed his gratitude to the Vas County Municipality and the Vas County Association of Sport Fishing Associations for the partnership, since, as he said, all the settlements involved in the earlier elements of the program only got richer through the developments.

Norbert Puskás, executive president of the Vas County Federation of Sport Fishing Associations, presented their organization and the results of the past ten years, and spoke about the situation of domestic fishing. Finally, he introduced those present to the details of the project. He said that as a result of the planned developments, in addition to the affected fishing waters, roads, parking lots, ponds, fishing spots, as well as benches, rest areas, fishing spots with limited mobility, camp toilets, event spaces, bacon grills, information boards, playgrounds will be created and further welfare improvements will be made, in addition to the marketing of the water areas. they also spend on appearances. The implementation plans for the investments have already been completed, the first works can begin in September and it is expected that all planned developments will be realized by the end of 2025. He added that, similar to the previous projects, the aim of the developments is to ensure that the affected water areas and their surroundings serve the recreational needs of visitors as well as possible, and provide more orderly conditions for spending free time.

Pictures: Milán Tóth, Tamás Unger


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