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Sárvíz lake beach and resort in Gersekarát


Located in the southern part of Vas county, on the Vasi Hegyhát, surrounded by forested mountains, the Gersekarat lake was created in 1992 for the purpose of a well-being water reservoir.

The area of the reservoir is almost thirty-six hectares, and it is fed by the Sárvíz stream and the Csengő stream. The beach of Gersekarát was created on the suitable shore of the lake, which has undergone several renovations in recent years.

The beach area is grassy for a relaxing break. The lake's water is clean, pleasant and slowly deepening, so even children can play and play in the sand.

You can choose from the cozy buffet on the pier above the water.

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Beach operator:

Gersekarát Municipality - Mayor: István Pászthory


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Phone number: +36-94/574-018 és +36-94/574-019
Mobile number: Tel.: 0620 48 02 107, 0670 31 39 614, 0630 85 13 02
Email: onkormanyzat@gersekarat.hu
Web: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100083763806041&locale=hu_HU
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