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XVII. The Primary School Fishing Quiz in Vasi Waters will be launched for the first time

2022.02.01. Share

The Vas County Association of Sport Angling Associations is now in its 17th century among primary schools. announces the Youth Fishing Quiz on Iron Waters for the first time. The central themes of the competition are the same as in previous years: water, fish, fishing.

XVII. The Primary School Fishing Quiz in Vasi Waters will be launched for the first time

The teams participating in the competition will compete in a two-round theoretical correspondence competition to achieve the above goals. At the end of the correspondence rounds, the teams will advance to an on-site quiz where it will be revealed which team knows the iron waters best. In 2022, in addition to testing intellectual knowledge, there will once again be a joint team fishing competition.

During the competition, four enthusiastic elementary school students (ages 10-15), an environmentally friendly teacher (who is also the team leader), a regular e-mail address, creativity, team spirit, and a library and Internet service are essential to complete the tasks. knowledge of use.

The competition is open to teams of 4 primary schools located in the area of activity of the Association - mainly in Vas and Zala counties. The aim of the competition is to get to know the natural life of the natural waters of Vas County and to get acquainted with the basics of fishing, as well as to draw attention to the consumption of locally produced food with environmental effects in mind.

Entries are welcome until February 21, 2022 on the following online entry interface: https: //vasivizeken.hu /.../ xvii-vasi-vizeken-alattomos ...

Should you have any further questions regarding the quiz, please contact us at 06-95-506-835.

Call that you may be among the victors.

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