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Changeable weather, more modest catches, close results in this year's Abért Cup

2024.06.02. Share

​The Vas County Federation of Sport Fishing Associations arrived at the third round of the county competition series on Sunday, June 2, 2024, which started at Lake Abért in Lukácsháza. Last year, the contestants had to stand their ground in completely unreal conditions, in stormy weather. This time, fortunately, beautiful sunshine awaited the competitive anglers appearing on the lake shore. Not only the weather, but also the fish were kind to the anglers, in terms of sizeable catches.

In the days before the competition, the course was already marked by the organizers. Competitors were placed on the Lukácsháza side of the lake, and those starting in the hobby adult category were placed on the side parallel to Gyöngyös stream and on the side facing the dam. Since it was not possible to designate more starting places on the Abért II lake, the IFs competed on the Abért I lake, as in previous years.

In advance, 66 people registered in the three categories, but due to the absence of some, the draw started with 63 people in the early morning hours. Prior to this, Milán Tóth, the member of the association's competition organization, greeted the anglers, then briefly explained the most important rules and technical information, and the drawing of the starting places could begin.

Among the competitors, the 21 anglers and the 34 people who entered the hobby adult category were also assigned to three sectors, while the juniors had to compete in a sector of 8 people for the podium places.

After pulling out the fishing spots, packing and preparation for the competition began. In the meantime, with the help of fisheries guards Balázs Szekeres, Benjamin Seregi, Emil Tóth and competition organizer Imre Gerencsér, a bait check was carried out, during which everything was found to be in order.

Thus, feeding could begin 10 minutes before 10 o'clock at the sound of the bagpipe, and then at the next signal "at full time" the skills could be thrown in with bait. Competitors thought in stacking rods, while in the hobby category they thought more in match and feeder rods. In the extreme places, you didn't even have to test the water much, the first fish came early. This time, the lake is also true in a more modest way, but it presented its rich fish population. In the form of large, palm breams, breams and large carp, and of course the always strong grass carp, the contestants had to fight to their great delight. Overall, the changeable, but also sultry weather left its mark on the catches of the competition, as a result of which, in the last half hour, a strong spring shower refreshed both the lake and the fishing grounds.

After the end of the race, the weigh-in began in the rain that subsided at two locations.

Among the competitors, the winner from the first places in the three sectors came from the "C" sector, in the person of Norbert Misák (Répcelaki City Miner SHE.) , who finished first with 36,960 grams. Second in the ranking was Attila Borsos (Spratcus HE.) , with a catch of 33,360 grams. Not far behind him, Gábor Tordai (Elektromosok SHE.) "reached the finish line" in third place, with his 27,600 gram tablecloth.

In the case of hobby adults, the "A" sector proved to be the strongest, as it also produced the winner of the category, who was none other than Gábor Németh (Ölbői Horgász-tó SHE.) with 30,340 grams. Tibor Pajor (Ölbői Horgász-tó SHE.) won the silver medal with a catch of 28,840 grams, and Zoltán Koppány Kovács took third place. (Ölbői Horgász-tó SHE.) finished with a total weight of 20,920 grams.

The results were somewhat more modest than those of the IFs, but to be honest, they did not have an easy job. Nevertheless, everyone is to be commended, they stood up skillfully throughout the day. Máthé Zalá (Elektromosok SHE.) managed to get the most fish into the mouth, a total of 16,840 grams, which was a nice achievement even for an adult hobbyist. He was followed by Noel Tóth (Csepregi Répcementi HE.) with 5400 grams , while Zsolt Bálint (Körmendi Munkás HE.) was able to take the third step of the imaginary podium, with his performance of 3940 grams.

A HUF 5,000 Garbolino-Tacklebait gift certificate was also awarded to the best female angler as a special prize by the Organizing Committee, which was won by Andrea Sántáné Tóth (Körmendi Munkás HE. ) with a catch of 4,280 grams.

Overall, it can be said that the participants in the 2024 Vasi Vizeken-Garbolino-TackleBait Abért-tó Cup performed successfully, a total of 759 kg of fish were bagged in the three categories during the competition. The average catch thus reached 12 kg during the four-hour competition. Norbert Puskás, executive chairman , presented the results, while competition organizer Imre Gerencsér handed over the prizes to the winners.

The next round will take place on Lake Püspökmolnári for hobby anglers for adults and youth on June 15, 2024, which is also the final round for these categories. The competitors will end this season at the County Individual and Team Championships in September.

Detailed results can be viewed by clicking here.

We congratulate all competitors and wish them continued successful racing!

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