László Pajtli and Gábor Tordai ended the Karat Cup with victory

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The fishermen who wanted to test themselves were met in Gersekarát on the turn of the county competition series, the best sport fishing in the Vasi Waters. In a pleasant summer heat event, there were several tactics to reach podium.

László Pajtli and Gábor Tordai ended the Karat Cup with victory

More than 50 anglers appeared on Sunday morning at the shore of Lake Sárvíz and registered in the racing, adult hobby and youth categories. After the registration, Norbert Puskás, managing director , presented the rules and answered the technical questions. In the subsequent draw, everyone pulled out his lucky or less fortunate number.

Preparations began, during which the organizers kept the usual spot-on test-like bait check. As before, they didn't even think of discovering an irregularity, so the 4-hour fish catch could begin.

In the pleasant summer heat, the behavior of the fish was somewhat unpredictable. There were quieter periods for competition in terms of catching fish, but there were also sections when fish were really "kicked out". Smaller or larger crucian carp and bream were hooked. In the warming water, the amur also activated themselves.

There were some who started the race with the idea that besides bream and crucian carp, one or two larger carp would be thrown into the mouth for the ultimate victory. This was not always rewarding, as many managed to catch a good amount of small fish.

There were strong results in the two sectors in the competition category. Finally, Gábor Tordai (Electrics SHE) became the best competitor of the day with 6235 grams. The silver medal winner of the other sector was Zsolt Horváth (HE. Szentgotthárd) with 4860 grams. Third place was Gábor Hajba (Electric SHE.) With 6065 grams in sector 2.

In the category of adult hobby, László Patjli (Spartacus HE.) Managed to achieve the best result in his sector with 7150 grams of outstanding winners in 3 sectors. The second was Sándor Horváth (Border Guard SHE) with 4900 grams. The Bronze Medal was welcomed by Gergő Viszkeleti (Ikervári HE.) , 3965 grams was enough for the third place.

In the youth category Norbert Misák (Büki HE.) Was convinced that Marcell Varga (Spartacus HE.) And the third was Rebeka (Spartacus HE.) On the second stage of the imaginary podium.

In the announcement of the results, Norbert Puskás, managing director , was handed over by the Mayor of Gersekara, István Pászthory to the cups and diplomas to the contestants.

Congratulations to all competitors!

The next stage of the competition will be held on 22 June 2019 in Püspökmolnár in the Hobby Adult and Youth category, and we cannot accept more entries here.


Subsequently, on Saturday, July 13, 2019, the VI. The fishermen on the Pinka Valley Halas Day will be able to combine their knowledge with entrepreneurial anglers. We are not only looking for anglers but also for cooking teams and football teams!

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