This year's series started with the Carat Cup of Vasi Vizeken-Garbolino-Tacklebait

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Contrary to tradition, this time the county competition series entitled "The Best Sports Angler of Iron Waters" of the Vas County Association of Sport Fishing Association started not in Kerkafalva, Zala County, but on Lake Sárvíz in Gersekarát, where 47 people compared their skills.

At the beginning of March, when the competition for 50 people was announced, all the seats were sold out almost immediately, so some of them could only subscribe to the reserve entry list. The staff of the Association tried to give as many fishers as possible, but in order to ensure the conditions of Lake Sárvíz and the regular and undisturbed running of the competition, a maximum of 52 anglers were given the opportunity to start. In the end, due to busy work and other obstacles, a few could not show up, but the number was still close to the maximum.

On Sunday morning, in the cool, strong windy weather, the organizers drew 14 riders, two of the 30 main hobby adults and three of the youngsters into a cart. Following the briefing, everyone was able to take a fishing spot and preparations began. While hobby anglers prepared the feeder rods, the contestants tended to prepare the match and stacking rods for the 4-hour competition. Meanwhile, the organizing team set off on a bait inspection tour where everything was found to be in order, allowing this year’s first federal fishing competition to begin without interruption.

Earlier in June, the Carat Cup took place in high heat, where the "catch" of the fish was very weak on several occasions, which was reflected in the rather modest catch results. The current early race time tried to serve the purpose of perhaps a more enjoyable race, this spring, when carp and bream and carnivores are also moving better. In the end, it happened that way, the participants managed to catch more fish compared to the recent Gersekarat Cups. Several also managed to lure one or two more beautiful carp to the hook, but there were also 1.5 kg bream in the bag, but there were also cormorants, red-winged bream and perch. In the competing sectors, several people focused on catching small fish from the coast, while in the hobby category they went for carnivores and carp with larger bodies with feeder technique. The peccers caught a total of 194,520 grams of fish, resulting in an average catch of 4,138 grams.

Towards the end of the race, the lead was narrowing, but for sure no one could go yet, he needed the concentration and dexterity that drove him to victory. It wasn't enough to catch a lot of small fish in the racing category either, the more beautiful fish were needed for the podium.

Among the competitors, Bálint Varga / Elektromosok SHE./ succeeded the most, winning the day with a catch of 8760 grams. Behind it, the winner of the other sector, Gábor Tordai / Elektromosok SHE./ , finished in second place with 5340 grams. Bronze medalist Tamás Borsos / Spartacus SHE./ , who was also proud of his 5400 gram performance.

In the adult hobby category, the final winner was the winner of the three sectors, and this time he was none other than József Hegedüs, a competitor of the Kőszeg Sport Fishing Association . With a fairly balanced pecan, we managed to herd 13,100 grams of fish into the sack until weighed. The silver medal glistened beautifully at the end of the day in recognition of his 11,360 gram catch in the neck of Károly Pajor / Ölbői Horgásztó Sporthorgász Egyesület . István Göncz, a competitor of the Kéthatár-Tó Kerkafalva Fishing Association , was able to take the third step of the imaginary podium with a catch of 9,000 grams.

Who was luckier, who wasn't so much, but the peca was in a good mood among the young people as well. The happiest was probably Milan Gersei / Körmendi Workers' Fishing Association / , who could take the biggest goblet for the winner for a result of 4620 grams. Zalán Vogl (Spartacus HE) had no reason to be sad, but this time he had to reach the second place for his 1440 gram result, the third place was closed by Zsolt Nagy / Rábapatyi HE./ . The special prize for the best female angler was taken over by Imrén Fekete, a fisherman from the Association of Electricians' Sport Anglers, with a catch of 4,480 grams.

During the announcement of the results, Ms. István Pászthory, the mayor of Gersekarát and the managing president of the Association, Norbert Puskás, presented the awards and diplomas to the best. The winners also received valuable gift certificates courtesy of TackleBait Fishing Shop and Pet Food Store and Garbolino Wholesale , the main sponsor of the competition series. Detailed results are available under the news.

The next round of the competition series will continue on May 1, 2022 with the TWO-BORDER LAKE VASIVIZEKEN-GARBOLINO-TACKLEBAIT CUP.

Congratulations to all starters!

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