The year 2020 brought extraordinary but record results

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In the last days of the year, like the customs of previous years, we rethink, evaluate what this year was like, how we were able to fit in with the community we represent. This year has not been easy for anyone, it has tested the adaptability of individuals and communities in the world and in Hungary.

The epidemiological situation and its measures have not made fishing as an individual leisure sport in Hungary impossible. Thus, in the first months of this year, the dynamically increasing desire to switch fishing tickets to iron waters fell below the level of 2019 in only one month - in March, and then the desire to fish in Vas County also increased. Knowing the exact headcount data at the end of the year, we are pleased to report that we managed to exceed our record year of 10,217 in terms of the number of anglers by 865, so in 2020 the number of anglers registered in the member associations of our association reached 11,082.

In addition to the increase in fishing membership, our most important goal is for more and more people to exchange fishing tickets for the fishing waters we use. In 2019, 2,755 adult fishermen bought annual tickets for iron waters, while in 2020, 383 more people, ie a total of 3,138 adult fishermen, voted to trust our fishing waters with an annual ticket exchange. It is also a pleasing fact for child anglers that we managed to increase the previous number of 599 annual ticket changes to 735 in 2020.

Despite the difficulties of the pandemic - with minor interruptions - we also held the state fishing exams, which was necessary, because the number of candidates exceeded 500 by the end of the year, which was an average of 300-350 in previous years. These results, in addition to a lot of work, would not have been possible in such an extraordinary year if our anglers and colleagues, our volunteers, had not worked together and helped each other. Before moving on to our other achievements, we would like to thank our anglers once again for their patience, paying attention to others and keeping the safety of us all in mind during the year and purchasing their leisure activities on the shores of the Iron Waters. We are extremely proud of our ticket sellers, staff, volunteers, fishing guards, fishing shopkeepers, partners and everyone who has worked these years to ensure that fishing as a regular leisure activity can be practiced properly and contributed to our record results.

Of course, the increase in the number of anglers and changes in licenses also resulted in additional revenues, which we spent on one of our most important activities, fish farming. A total of 122,389 kg of outstanding fishing license changes were caught, while we tried to thank our fishing community with 476,000 pre-farmed fish stocks. In line with the fisheries management plans approved by the authority and the needs of the fishermen, the largest amount of carp of catchable size was deployed, of which a record amount, almost 85 tonnes, was released into the waters. Assessing the carp settlements, it should be pointed out that 22.5 tons of this extraordinary quantity entered the iron waters with the support of the Hungarian National Fishermen's Association (MOHOSZ) with the support of the Hungarian National Fishermen's Association and several other fish farmers. the installation of fishing water was also partially supported by the local fishing association during the year.

In addition to the typical carp dominance in Hungary and Vas County, we also tried to plant other native fish species as much as possible. In addition, we tried to focus more on meeting the needs of white-water fishermen, so in the spring on the Rába river 4,000 pre-bred goats, in the summer 40,000 perch fry, 10,000 pre-bred perch and 10,000 balini They were enriched with 450 catchable size trout.

In the summer, we planted 10,000 pre-bred compotes in the Marcal River and the Celldömölk, Nagypiriti, Merseváti lakes, and 42,000 pre-bred bream in Herpenyő, Pinka backwaters, Perenyei and Pinkamindszenti lakes, Szombathelyi Horgásztav, In addition to carp, bream and whitefish, which are of most interest to anglers, have been deployed in almost all waters, with a total of more than 35 tonnes. Another favorite of anglers is the perch, whose I. and II. By the end of the year, we managed to dump more than 1,076 kg (approximately 5,500-6,000 pieces) of the summer age group into the iron waters.

Once again, we ask all fishing partners to pay special attention to juvenile fish introduced recently, so that the Alliance's efforts to replenish stocks will achieve their goal in the coming years. Unfortunately, due to the epidemic situation, this year's Pinka Valley Fish Day had to be deleted from the Federal Program Calendar as well as the year-round Kétatár-tó Cup, but essentially there was still no shortage of programs. In May, there were several national feeder races on Lake Abért, and then the Decathlon - Vasi waters Best Sport Fishing competition series also started.

There was still a good number of competitors in the competition series without the entry fee, an average of 50 people started in each round, and more than 100 anglers took part in the entire competition series. On several occasions, after the competitions were announced, pre-registration had to be closed due to oversubscriptions. In the summer we kept the XV. In Vasi Waters and Lands, we also had the final of our Primary School quiz and for the first time this year a “Children’s Day Fishing School and Friendly Fishing Competition” as well as a relaunch of the county youth competition.

In the first week of August, a fishing camp for nearly 40 people was held at the headquarters of the Alliance. The youth education programs were also supported by MOHOSZ and various rural development tenders. Vas Népe, the main media sponsor of our Association, reported regularly and in detail on our programs, in which you can read a fishing page about the events of Vas waters every two weeks. Szombathely Television also reported on all our important events and news, and the recordings are available in the video gallery of our website.

Our association successfully launched several tenders in 2020. At the beginning of the year, the “Acquisition and Use of Technical Equipment Supporting the Maintenance of the Waterfront Natural Environment” announced and awarded by the Hungarian National Fishermen's Association. As a result of the tender, 1 high-performance AS Motor 1040 YAK 4WD mulching compact tractor, 1 AS-Motor AS 63 2T ES self-propelled mulching lawn mower, 3 high-performance HUSQVARNA 545 RX petrol-powered mowers and 3 high-performance HUSQVARNA 545 Mark II petrol chainsaws took place. The total gross value of the acquired assets was HUF 9,399,778, of which HUF 6,334,986 was provided by the MOHOSZ and the chapter-managed appropriations of the Ministry of Agriculture entitled “Support for State Fisheries Management Tasks”. Subsequently, a local leader program was launched in the spring, which provided HUF 14.8 million in support for the Service Development of the Fishing Tourism Center with Renewable Energies.

As part of the tender, the Association's Iron Cross Center received a 42.0 KWp - 124 (340 WP) solar - smart solar system for the installation of 8 high-performance split air conditioners and a new energy-saving 300-liter heat pump domestic hot water tank. Furthermore, as the autumn closing of the project, the purchase of 150 chairs for holding fishing and other events was realized. In the second half of the year, MOHOSZ also successfully participated in the next equipment development tender and won a Suzuki Vitara Hybrid AllGrip business car for the Association. The fishing vehicle fleet was further expanded with 2 custom-designed Piaggio Typhoon fishing scooters equipped with accessories that can be used well in the field, as well as a large trailer and two Toyota Hilux vehicle superstructures.

In the autumn, we were able to announce in a solemn ceremony together with the Vas County Local Government that TOP-1.2.1-15-VS1-2019-00009. Our tender entitled "Fishing tourism developments in Vas county" received a grant of HUF 136 million, in the framework of which the surroundings of the Abért Lakes, Máriaújfalu Hársas Lake, Vasvár Boating Lake and Celldömölki Lake can be renewed in 2021. In order to develop water tourism According to the project plans, a total of 162 outdoor elements will be placed on the shores of the lakes and about 6-7 thousand square meters of shoreline will be renovated as planned. In addition to the developments listed above, the Federal Office is currently working on further rural development and environmental projects to make the highest possible waterfront environment available to everyone on the shores of the Iron Waters, thanks to the active participation of the Hungarian National Fishermen's Association and Vas County Local Government supports contribution to achieving our development goals.

All in all, it can be said that we have a colorful, meaningful year in terms of our organizational life, and in most areas we have an extremely successful year, which, of course, still has many tasks and challenges to solve. We would like to remind our fellow fishermen that the 2020 state tickets and the iron annual territorial tickets are valid until 31 January 2021, so they can be fished without any problems at the beginning of next year. The state fishing tickets for 2021 will be available at all our member organizations in the beginning of January, and we hope that the special purchase of all regional tickets can start smoothly from January 11, 2021. The customer service / fishing ticket sales order of the member associations of the Vas County Association of Sport Fishing Anglersis available here in the period of an epidemic caused by a new type of coronavirus as an emergency>>>

The Vas County Association of Sport Angling Associations wishes this year a new Year Rich in Health and Fishing Experiences to all its fishing associates!

Let's take care of each other!


Ticket prices for 2021 are available here >>>

THE MOHOSZ ESZH. fee (HUF 2,000) and the price of the state fishing document remain unchanged. At the meeting of the Association held at the meeting, in addition to the ticket prices, the 2021 fishing order was adopted among several agenda items. A 2021 . The fishing order, which will come into force on January 1, has changed slightly compared to this year, which can be summarized here >>>

Detailed information about the fishing opportunities in Vas County can be requested on the telephone number 06-94 / 506-835 and at the e-mail address . In the Iron Cross Customer Service Office of the Association, the possibility of personal administration (eg: ticket exchange, fishing card application…, etc.) is provided by prior appointment from 11 January 2021 according to the following customer reception rules:

  • Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday: 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  • Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
  • Saturday-Sunday: no customer service



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