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The VII. ended with the victory of Bence Szabó. Method Feeder OB.

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For the first time, Abért Lake was the site of the national championship final, and the best anglers of the method feeder discipline came to Lukácsháza. During the weekend's three-day competition, the anglers were tested by changeable weather, but the lake showed its usual face and gave the fish nicely: more than 3 tons were caught in the mouth. On Sunday, a new champion was inaugurated, and the bronze medal was hung around the neck of a competitor from Vas county.

The VII. ended with the victory of Bence Szabó. Method Feeder OB.

After the mandatory training days, the best 40 anglers from the semi-finals took possession of the Abért Lake, which was the site of the national championship final for the first time.

At the morning technical meeting , Csaba Polyák, on behalf of the MOHOSZ Competition Office, explained the aspects of the draw grid to be used during the competition, as well as the most important rules. As vice president of MOHOSZ and managing director of the regional association, Norbert Puskás greeted competitors in Vas County and wished everyone a successful and sporting competition. After the limitation of the bait and feed material, the judges and the competitors took their places, and then at ten o'clock the unusual competition on Lake Abért began.

Csaba Polyák, MOHOSZ's sports organization manager , said that there were semi-finals here last year, and several semi-finals. The lake has a rich stock of fish, thanks to the fact that there is no fish feeding. The fish that weighed 1.5 to 2 kilos 4-5 years ago have now gained weight, the stock of carp and bream is fantastic. The competitors, who came from far away, said that it was worth traveling here for this water, which is why they decided to hold the finals here on Lake Abért.

Rain and wind made it difficult for the anglers in the first round, but it was the fishiest day, the field caught a total of more than 1200 kg. The main role was played by carp, and quite a few bigger grass carp were also hooked.

Norbert Puskás, the executive president of the Vas County Association of Sport Fishing Associations, emphasized that the course was not so fishy, the weather had cooled down, the wind was capricious, the conditions were more difficult, but despite this, 30-50 kilo fish were caught, the course shows its true face .

Competitors who came from the semi-finals with few points collected more points than they expected in the opening round, which is why the rankings were thoroughly confused. Bence Gyimesi was in the lead, followed by Bálint T óth and Bence Szabó . The lead was very tight after the first day.

Bence Gyimesi was able to maintain his advantage on Saturday as well. At that time, more common bream and bream appeared on the hooks, the total catch was over a ton. Much less fish had to be weighed in Saturday's round. The extreme places of the sectors were not prominent this time. Bence Gyimesi continued to lead the competition, scoring a total of nine points with his 3 points on Saturday. In second and third place, however, there were two very serious competitors, as Bence Szabó and Péter Bakó both had 10 points each.

On Sunday, the field landed in a completely open competition, and anyone from the first 5-6 places could reach the podium. Everyone tried to choose and apply the best tactics.

The competition was held in the sun and in a strong wind, the water cooled down and it became more and more difficult to catch fish. Despite this, we managed to exceed the 900 kg team on this day as well. During the weighing, large carp, grass carp and a lot of crucian carp and bream were found in the bags.

It could be guessed that the last round of the final would be very exciting, but no one expected that the order would be overturned like this. In the "C" sector, a duel between Péter Bakó and Bence Gyimesi was expected, but Bence Szabó did not have an easy task either, as he had to solve the 3rd position next to the edge in the "A" sector, with Doria Skultéti sitting in the absolute extreme position. In the first hour, Dorián rented the first place in the sector for himself, so Bence had to fight for the second place. However, the peca was very difficult. On the other side of the sector, Bálint Tóth also caught fish well, but Attila Debrődi was also able to get in front of him. Bence saved a lot and was able to be fourth in his sector. Unfortunately, Bence Gyimesi didn't catch the fish in the "C" sector, just as it was difficult to catch fish in that place before. Péter Bakó couldn't be happy either, as Gábor Berényi , who was fishing in the outermost spot, opened with a 8-point carp and then caught the fish in a row, but Áron Balog dictated a serious pace from C10 and even won his sector. Two more competitors came in behind Áron, so Péter also finished fourth in his sector. Bence Gyimesi couldn't catch up - even though he did everything he could - but with his nine points, the podium moved away from the talented young competitor. In the end, there was a tie at the top, so the language of the balance decided, with 14 points, but with more weight held, Bence Szabó managed to get his first Hungarian championship title. Péter Bakó - last year's champion - took the second place, and Áron Balog managed to climb up to the third step of the podium, who was also the best iron rider.

The OB. during the three rounds, the 40 competitors hooked a total of 3,209 kg of fish, which meant an average catch of 26.7 kg per round. Several iron competitors made it to the national competition and achieved good results.

This year's Method Feeder is OB. podium finishers:

1st place: Bence Szabó 126,800 gr. 14 hours

2nd place: Péter Bakó Fishing 105.775 gr. 14 hours

3rd place: Áron Balog 130.175 gr. 15 hours

We would also like to thank the participants for the sporting competition, and the MOHOSZ for the trust that the Method Feeder OB could be held in Vas county. this year's final. Special thanks go to Balázs Németh, who for years has been an active assistant in the preparation and organization of the national method feeder competitions held in Vas county. We would like to thank Csaba Polyák for the great amount of professional and organizational help provided by the Fishing Federation Office during the competition.

We hope that, regardless of the result, everyone had a good time at the weekend and will be happy to return to Vas County and the waters of Vas in the future.

We wish good luck to the MOHOSZ Method Feeder team, who will compete in South Africa as the defending world champions in December.

Detailed results are available here.

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Source: Savaria Forum & MOHOSZ

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