The series of races continued with Lake Abért Vasi Vizeken-Garbolino-TackleBait Cup

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It reached the third stop of the competition series of the Vas County Association of Sport Angling Associations, which was held on Lake Abért in Lukácsháza on Sunday, May 15, 2022. There were no complaints about the catch in the Vasi Vizeken-Garbolino-TackleBait cup, the 64 people starting in the three categories caught a total of 1,022.54 kg of fish during the competition. The average catch in the four-hour race thus reached 15.977 kg.

The series of races continued with Lake Abért Vasi Vizeken-Garbolino-TackleBait Cup

Just like in the other federal races, the seats have been sold out within a good hour of the announcement in March, and since no cancellations have been received in the meantime, all available races on Lake Abért II have been selected. However, this did not prove to be enough either, as during the survey of Tuesday's race track, the organizers considered it best - in order to create the most ideal course - if the young anglers were already planted on Lake Abért I.

After registration on Sunday morning, Norbert Puskás , the managing president of the County Association, opened the competition, and then drew the attention of those present to the most important rules during a short technical meeting. Then the raffle of the fishing spots started and the participants could start packing and preparing for the 4-hour competition. In the meantime, with the help of the fishing guard Balázs Szekeres and the competition organizer Imre Gerencsér, a bait was checked, during which the organizers found everything to be in order.

At 10 o'clock in the morning, the catching of fish could begin in weak winds and sunny days. Competitors had to be 9 and two 8, in the adult hobby two 12 and one 11, while youngsters in a 4-person sector had to be as successful as possible in order for the sport anglers to be among the best at the end of the day. in the hobby category, they tried to catch as many fish as possible with a mix of match and feeder rod techniques. As expected, the fish in the extreme places moved sooner and the first carp and bream were soon caught, but a couple of grass carp were already caught.

For hobby anglers, bream, crucian carp, and grass carp came in handy, but carp were accidentally caught on hooks in several places. The competitors fed a lot more carp by feeding and fishing with a stacking method, but László Magyar also managed to put together a nice grass carp in the “C” sector. The juveniles on Lake 1 were dominated by dwarf catfish, but some larger-bodied fish were also hooked. Overall, a successful fishing day ended with a bagpipe to mark the end of the race. Of course, this time too, there were those who had more luck and others had less luck.

Some may have been annoyed by the stalled, missed bites, but most have successfully overcome the obstacles. At the start of the deliberation, it was already felt that nice catches had been made. In the case of competitors, the podium finishers came out of the first of the three sectors. The competition was intense not only among the medalists, but also within the sector, which was a good indicator of the balance of this year's Abért Cup. In the end, sector “A” proved to be the strongest, as the winner of the category came out of it, who became Zsolt Horváth (HE. Of Szentgotthárd) with 53,180 grams. Second place went to Zoltán Török (Elektromosok SHE.) With a catch of 33,460 grams, and third place went to László Magyar (Elektromosok SHE.) With a total weight of 27,660 grams.

The struggles in the adult hobby category weren’t exactly boring either. Some anglers managed to take advantage in the early hours, but in the afternoon, more and more people caught up with the front row, so the final order was a big question. As always, the answer was given by the deliberation, to which Máté Márk Koltai (HE of Kéthatár Lake) was the best, weighing 32,680 grams and pocketing the goblet for victory. László Pajtli (Spartacus HE.) Closed with a capacity of 27,600 grams. The bronze medal went to the neck of Tibor Pajtli (Spartacus HE.) Thanks to his catch of 25,800 grams.

The youngsters tried to be very persistent throughout the day on the pest, on Lake Abért I, which is somewhat unknown from the point of view of racing. Gersei Milán (Körmendi Munkás HE.) Managed to divert most of the fish to the codend, a total of 9,220. grams.

He was followed by Vogl Zalán (Spartacus HE.) With 7,560 grams , while Ivors Bors (Spartacus HE.) Could stand on the third step of the imaginary podium with a catch of 6,420 grams. Fourth place went to Felix Amina (Fish Farm SHE.) With 5860 grams. A protest was also received from the young people, which, in the absence of evidence, could not be taken into account by the executive chairman, so the final ranking for the third and fourth places was announced according to the outcome of the deliberations. The lessons learned from the controversial situation have been presented in the announcement of the results and it is hoped that similar situations will be avoided in the future.

The best female angler of the day was Andrea Sántáné Tóth (Körmendi Munkás HE.) With a result of 13,120 grams.
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The series of county competitions entitled "The Best Sport Angler in the Waters of the Waters" will continue next weekend on Lake Abért, with the two-day GARBOLINO-TACKLEBA

Congratulations to all competitors and good luck!

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