The Iron Cross and Narda were jointly developed with Leader support

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In the spring of this year, the Iron County Federation of Sport Fishing Associations and the Iron Cross and Narda Municipalities successfully applied for a call for proposals for the Pannon Experience Program - Implementing Complex Thematic Tourism Developments (VP6-19.2.1.-69-8.1.1-17) . The 18.4 million HUF Leader tender for ecotourism development along the Vas Hill, with 80% support intensity, provided a financial resource of 14.73 million HUF for the implementation of all tourism investments. Consortium Leadership within the partnership was provided by the Iron County Federation of Sport Fishing Associations

The Iron Cross and Narda were jointly developed with Leader support

Last Saturday the ceremonial handover of the developments in the ecotourism competition took place in Vaskeresztes. The event was opened by the program of the German Nationality Dance Group of the Iron Cross.

After the traditional dances, presenter Nóra Perlaki greeted the audience and asked Imre Krancz, Mayor of the Iron Cross, to greet the guests as a host.

The mayor welcomed everyone present, especially greeting László Majthényi , Chairman of the Vas County Assembly, Miklós Seregi , President of the Vas County Association of Sport Fishing Associations , Norbert Puskás , Executive Chairman of the Vas County Council of Sport Fishermen Associations, Glorious Chief Executive Officer.

"We made an investment in Iron Cross again: the residents here know that we are constantly creating, innovating and striving to make our village look beautiful. Again, we succeeded in participating in three consortium tenders with the Municipality of Narda We were able to do new things on the spot, where a double barbecue grill was set up at the municipal lake, as it is becoming increasingly popular with families and groups of friends to spend most of their free time outdoors, creating a cultivated spot. to provide comfortable and safe access to the backwater by private cars, and the third location is the Vas Mountain Sanctuary, where a cycling rest and water abstraction facility has been established, " said Krancz. Imre , then added that there are more and more visitors, both cyclists and those who want to run and hike, who have a good time here at Iron Cross, which is also due to the beautiful, well-cared for and safe environment.

Thank you very much to the contestants and to the fishing association in particular for the smooth cooperation we have had over the last few years. I hope that the next representative body will maintain a good relationship with the Alliance in the same way, and will be able to collaborate, participate in improvements and further the reputation of our village. ”

After the mayor's greeting, Miklós Seregi welcomed the participants to the project presentation ceremony and said that the Iron County Federation of Sport Fishing Associations had participated in this competition as a consortium leader together with the municipalities of Narda and Iron Cross. “I also say in sports, teamwork is important. This project is also a good example of the fact that if a non-governmental organization and two municipalities can work in a team, it will result. For this to happen, there needs to be a well-publicized leader's bid, which is guaranteed by the Hungarian Government and the EU, and the other is to have municipalities, representative bodies and mayors who want to do for the villages . In this case, it was all together, so we can be here at today's handover ceremony, ” said Miklós Seregi , who thanked the municipalities for working together and wished everyone good health and useful time to use the new facilities realized in the project.

In his welcome , László Majthényi, Chairman of the Vas County Assembly, pointed out that it was slowly over a decade since the Vas County Association of Sport Fishing Associations had decided to move from its county seat to the Iron Cross. “It seemed like an unusual idea to many at the time. Since then, this organization has proven that it can operate effectively in the countryside. This is due to both the management and the host municipality. We know, and we see, that a good decision has been made, since the work of the fishing association is also seen in Iron Cross, Nardan and the surrounding settlements. It is no coincidence that TOP has had a successful bid by the association, which has been able to implement almost county-wide developments in 8 locations. - said László Majthényi, then added that he drives a lot and sees the renewed lakes, and that there is life on these lakes: not only fishermen, families, and friends visit these places. "This is accomplished ecotourism proposals will contribute to additional sites become high-quality place to live and to have more active tourism, fishing, or even a camping-loving young adults visiting both in this region, admire, megszeresse values." - closed thoughts of the Chairman of the Vas County Assembly.

After the greetings, Norbert Puskás, Executive Chairman of the Vas County Association of Sport Fishing Associations, explained that in the application, they had succeeded in expanding the fishing lake in the federal center with 2400 m 3 of land and earthworks. "There is a friendly fishing competition on the lake in the center of the fishing association. It is a pleasure that since our TOP places have been restored, the surroundings of the lake have been renewed and since then more and more friends have been using the lake for smaller outside. We have been hosting fishing and eco camps in Iron Cross for several years, and we purchased twenty tents for them and in the days we received twenty bikes and our bicycle service center. This service point is free for anyone to use while cycling. said Norbert Puskás , then pointed out that it was important that the two municipalities involved in this application recognized the need for small-scale improvements, such as outdoor fitness items in Nardan, which could also be used freely.

“Even those who come to our Iron Cross Center with this newly purchased bicycle can make this development a new tourist destination. A barbecue and recreation park, a drinking fountain, an information board were also established in Narda, and renewable energies were also involved in this tender, and solar candelabras were installed around Lake Narda. The development of this village amounted to 4.6 million HUF, the Iron Cross investment is 5.1 million HUF, and the remaining 8.7 million HUF was the development of the fishing association. ” - he closed his thoughts and thanked the project participants and colleagues, that these improvements could be realized.

Subsequently, Imre Krancz, the Mayor of the Iron Cross, was awarded a certificate of honor by the Iron County Federation of Sport Fishing Associations, which thanked him for the work he had done for the Iron Cross and the Vas fishermen. Finally, the ceremonial ribbon cutting - symbolically handing over the developments in Narda and the Iron Cross - saw the assembly at the headquarters of the Alliance.

As a result of the project, a booklet will be published soon to promote the tourist attractions that have been created.


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