The 45-year-old Répcelaki HE celebrated its jubilee fishing competition.

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The 45th anniversary fishing competition of the Répcelak Miners' Fishing Association was held on the last Sunday of July at the Csánigi mining lake. The 20 nominated competitors arrived at a great time. The morning greeting was followed by a draw.

The 45-year-old Répcelaki HE celebrated its jubilee fishing competition.
While the competitors were ready, Györgyné Giza Tóth was kind to breakfast with a flame. György Szalai and Zoltán Kiss dealt with the preparation of lunch.
After the competition was blown away, we were helped by a fishing guard, Tamás Christmas, who would like to thank you again.
Before announcing the results, we greeted our president, the president of the Vas County Association of Sport Angling Associations, Mr. Miklós Seregi, the mayor of Csánig, Ferenc Joó, and Attila Dózci, the president of the Association for Rába-Műga and its Region.
Miklós Seregi assisted us in handing over the awards.
By the end of the day, the following results were obtained:
1st place: Gábor Bata 19780g
2nd place: Viktor Varga 16120g
3rd place: Ágoston Zoltán 15480g
4th place: Zoltán Töreki 14600g
5th place: Balázs Szabó 12040g
6th place: Csete József 9480g
Csaba Kiss received the biggest prize for fish. (1900 gr carp)
Jenő Németh received the award for the oldest angler.
The award offered to the most successful fisherman was earned by Gábor Bata, with a catch of almost 20 kg.
After a good mood race, we talked for a long time. In the competition, the 20 anglers caught a total of 136.52 kg of fish. This result represented an average catch of 6.826 kg.
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