Technical information for participants of the County Team Championship

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In view of the precarious situation caused by the second wave of COVID-19, as well as the Government’s September 408/2020 on travel restrictions during the epidemiological preparedness period. (VIII.30.) And to inform the EMMI on the restrictions on travel restrictions and exemptions during the epidemiological preparedness period dated 1 September, MOHOSZ, as a national sports trade union, has ordered several important measures in connection with national and regional competitions .

Technical information for participants of the County Team Championship

The OHSZK requires the Office of the Fishing Sport and OVHB, as well as the organizers, to issue binding regulations for each individual sports event containing precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus infection, which are binding on all participants, and to monitor their implementation on site. with the application of mandatory regulatory elements:
a) a declaration of the participants (prepared by OHSZK ) to be filled in and submitted in advance that the participation of the given person is at his / her own risk and does not pose a health risk (can be downloaded by clicking on the link),
b) ensure the use of a lottery technique that avoids multiple physical touches,
c) ensuring a protective distance of at least 5 meters between competitors and 10 meters between pairs and teams,
(d) ensuring the lowest possible level of social contact in the announcement of results, in accordance with the current epidemiological regulatory situation.

We ask that all sport anglers / helpers entered for the competition bring the attached EC declaration with them for the morning competition registration by printing and completing it!

The following 7 teams have registered for the county team championship to be held over the weekend by the entry deadline:

· Spartacus Fishing Association

· Körmend Workers' Fishermen's Association

· Electricians Sport Fishing Association I.

· Vas County Savaria Sporting Association

· Electricians Sport Fishing Association II.

· Bük Fishing Association

· Csepreg Répcementi Anglers Association

At the end of this article, the EC. In addition to the statement, you can also download the recovery permit required for the weekend competition and any training that may precede it, which you will bring with you in print.

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