Poppies and Lily of the valley went through the Iron Cross

2022.06.16. Share

Today, the “poppy” and “lily-of-the-valley” group of the Szombathelyi Hétszínvirág Kindergarten visited Vaskeresztes at the Association's Fishing Tourism Center.

Poppies and Lily of the valley went through the Iron Cross

Despite the sultry summer heat, we’re past the ovis with a really exciting morning. Norbert Puskás greeted the children in the event space, and with the help of the fishing guard Balázs Szekeres , a short fishing and fish knowledge lecture followed after his ten o'clock.

The performance was followed by a small game, with the groups competing against each other to unlock two giant fishing puzzles. The fishing game was interrupted with a little playground fun, running, sliding, and then the gatherer was back in the event space. There was a “fish catch competition” between the groups in the event space, which took place in a fantastic atmosphere.

The kids took turns catching the “fish,” who wasn’t just fishing for their team to cheer on. At the end of the multi-round peca competition, the Poppies and the Pearl Flowers were able to catch 20-20 "fish". After the draw, for fun, the kindergarten aunts also tested their knowledge of peca, in addition to cheering on the kids in a good mood.

After land fishing, there was also a small waterfront fishing on the lake near the federal center. Unfortunately, due to the rains of the last two weeks, an unprecedented amount of mud has flowed into the lake and the water is still extremely cloudy to this day. The fish bounced, but in the short peca of twenty minutes, not a single one was hooked.

At the end of the program, the managing president Norbert Puskás congratulated both ovis teams on their results at the house competition and handed over the children's publication MOHOSZ entitled "Come fishing with us" to the groups, children and their parents.

It was a nice little day, thank you for visiting!

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