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On the occasion of Fish Day, we planted the Rába river together again

2024.03.22. Share

On Wednesday, we celebrated the National Fish Day together, and on Thursday, the famous day continued with native fish on the banks of the Rába River. Similar to last year, the Vas County Association of Sport Fishing Associations and the Győr-Moson-Sopron County Association of Sport Fishing Associations announced a joint fish stocking campaign in order to strengthen the native fish population of the Rába.

On the occasion of Fish Day, we planted the Rába river together again

At the border between the Vasi and Győr sections of the river, at the Nicki artificial dam, fishing guides, anglers and interested visitors met. 2,000 mullet (between 8-12 cm) and 150 kg of bream (between 0.4-0.7 kg) were placed in several parts of the dammed section of the Rába river nick and the section above it in Vas County. While in the Rába river section of GyMS counties, 3,000 mullet (between 8-12 cm)

With the help of our professional fish keepers, we planted the fish in the presence of Dr. Dániel Kovács-Bokor, the managing director of Baja Megafish Kft., a special organization of MOHOSZ, in the diked section of Ikervár and Nick.

At the Nick site, in addition to interested parties and representatives of the press, the enthusiastic children from the Répcelak fishing community helped to give the native fish a new home. We are especially proud of the young people who took an active part in planting the fish. Today we not only planted fish, but also conveyed a message: together, as a community, we can do something to strengthen and protect native fish stocks.

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