Linter Hunor won this year's county youth competition

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On Sunday, June 19, 2022, the VASI VIZEKEN-DECATHLON COUNTY YOUTH FISHING FESTIVAL was held on Lake Rábasömjen. The event, which was supported by the MOHOSZ HUNOP tender, was open only to students participating in secondary school education. The competition consisted of four competitions in which 6 young people tested their skills.

Linter Hunor won this year's county youth competition

This year's Fishing Fight was prepared by the Tamás Christmas Fishing Guard by tidying up and mowing the places. Early arrivals could wait for the opening in a weak southerly wind in cloudless, sunny weather. Ákos Kovács, chairman of the Youth Committee of the Vas County Association of Sport Fishing Anglers' Association, and Adrienn Tóth, on behalf of MOHOSZ, greeted the 6 young people who applied this year.

True to tradition, after the opening, a series of theoretical tasks followed, which, as in previous years, was able to surprise young people again. Both the questions and the fish recognitions had more serious questions and pictures of lesser-known fish. The 6 young people had up to an hour to complete the test, but without exception, everyone finished earlier. Linter Hunor was the most successful in the theoretical part, so He could expect the next task from the first place, which was DIY.

This year, they had to put together a fine assembly of pointed bats. The Alliance provided everything, the young people only needed their knowledge and dexterity. It was a plus if someone successfully tied the hook, professionally tied the bow to the main line, and placed the lead correctly under the float.

Sara Szélesi , the only female starter, proved to be the most skillful in assembling the equipment, so after two races she could expect the fishing competition from a fairly good place.

As the young people finished on time, the packing and preparation for the 3-hour race began. Parents were friends who could help the youngsters during this time, but the first bagpipe word that meant feeding the contestants could only count on themselves.

The track proved difficult as the moderate morning wind intensified into a storm. Thus, the stacking method used only the physical and mental tolerance of the participants. Smaller white fish and dwarf catfish were preferred. At half-time, the wind had intensified to such an extent that most of the riders switched to the tip stick. For the more skillful, it was not a problem to fish in the short term, as the dwarf catfish stood for good feeding, forcing a more rhythmic pec.

After a quick deliberation, Máté Bucsek finished in the first place in the fish catch, Hunter Linter was in the second place, and Sára Szélesi was in the third place on the temporary podium. Before the last task, it could be felt that the victory could be decided between Sára Szélesi and Linter Hunor.

So there was only one race left from this year's fishing fight, which was nothing more than a throw-in. The weather here also made the task difficult for the riders because they had to aim 10 and 15 meters in stormy winds. They had 3 practice opportunities from both distances followed by 5 sharp throws. The ten meters were performed well by several people, but at the fifteen meters the riders had a harder time because of the hurricane wind. Sára Szélesi was outstanding in this competition, as she scored 72 points out of the 100 available.

At the end of the last task, the long-awaited highlight of the day was the announcement of the results. While summarizing the results, the directors waited intently for the young people to find out.

Linter Hunor (Répcelaki HE.), With his stable fishing, good equipment and good theoretical knowledge, won first place in this year's Fishing Competition. Sara Szélesi (Lokomotív HE.) Is only 1 point behind in the second place. This time András Csizmazia (Lokomotív HE.) Won a bronze medal.

The top three finishers were able to receive high-value equipment with the support of MOHOSZ. The first three places went to the summer camp to be organized by MOHOSZ. The Association and Dechatlon did not forget about the others either, as they also received all the starting gift packages.

Congratulations to all starters!

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