It was an integrated fishing afternoon in Szombathely

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Last Friday, in the wonderful sunny weather, the young people of the Non-Profit Nonprofit Ltd. (FÉHE) providing care for the disabled and the homeless and the volunteer anglers of the Vas County Association of Sport Fishing Associations met again on the Szombathely Boating Lake in wonderful sunny weather.

It was an integrated fishing afternoon in Szombathely

Now a traditional fishing afternoon, 16 couples met. After registration at half past two in the afternoon, Norbert Puskás, Executive President of the Vas County Association of Sport Fishing Associations, greeted the participants, who said: “It is a great pleasure for them to be able to hold last year’s meeting this year due to the pandemic. He especially greeted the fellow athletes who helped implement this great initiative, because the Alliance would provide the technical background in vain if there were no people who would dedicate their free time to such a joint program. ”

Subsequently, Rita Juranovits-Racker, the professional leader of FÉHE, thanked the Association and the anglers present for giving them the opportunity to participate in the program, which had been a great experience for their young people in previous years.

Then, with their pre-determined helper, participants were able to fish at the designated fishing spot with uniform equipment for 2 hours. Sport anglers and people with disabilities formed a team, everyone threw themselves into the competition with great excitement: they kneaded the bait together, put the rods together, and when the bagpipe sounded, they started fishing with high hopes.

Everyone had a sense of success in the competition, because the Szombathelyi Csónakázó-tó gave everyone more or less bream and a student balin. Every angler was happy with the bite and every little thing he caught. They bravely experimented with the bait, they used the five and three meter sticks as well, it was that near the shore, there was that throwing the bait a little further they tried their luck.

They also looked excitedly at the results at the deliberations, although it was already apparent that everyone would be the winner of this day again, because joint fishing brought new experiences and friendships.

In the announcement of the results of the competition, the best pairs could raise cups, medals and diplomas as high as the professional competition anglers in the real big sizes. At the end of the day, all participants received a commemorative card and the disabled were also able to take home a Caperlan spike rod, which they used to fish during the day to have their beginner gear available for future fishing on the shores of the Iron Waters.

The pleasant afternoon ended with a joint dinner organized by the Public Benefit Nonprofit Ltd. for the Disabled and the Homeless.

The following pairs became the podium finishers in the friendly competition:
1st place: Norbert Málovics and Miklós Molnár 1520 g
2nd place: Gergő Kónya and Gábor Porteleki 900 g
3rd place: Máté Németh and Sándor Németh 520 g

In addition to the Association, the cooperating partner of the event was Decathlon's Szombathely store, which provided fishing equipment for the event as a sponsor, and special thanks to the Mini-Zoo Decorative Hotel and Fishing Shop for providing the necessary lures for the event.

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