Integrated Fishing Afternoon Iron Cross

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Iron Cross organized an integrated fishing competition on the 1st of October, where the young people of Disabled and Homeless Nonprofit Ltd. spent a nice afternoon in the center of the Iron County Association of Sport Fishing Associations. Participants could listen to a lecture on basic angling, go fishing, and plant a tree to commemorate the day.

Integrated Fishing Afternoon Iron Cross

Before the event, an excited group appeared in the event room of the Alpine Inn and Fishing Tourist Center: young people with disabilities came for a joint fishing trip.

After the registration, participants were welcomed by Norbert Puskás, Executive Chairman of the Vas County Association of Sport Fishing Associations. “Three years ago, the Boating Lake in Szombathely hosted a similar program. We wanted to keep this event alive by then, and decided that if we had the opportunity or the financial backing, we would meet again, ”Norbert Puskás began his thoughts, adding that today was the collaboration of three organizations.

The event was supported by a project from Pink to Raba - Fish as a Local Product in the framework of the call VP6-19.3.1-17, Preparing and implementing LEADER LAG cooperation activities. The co-operation partner of the event was the Nonprofit Ltd. for Disabled and Homeless and the Decathlon store in Szombathely.

“There is also an element of the program,” he added, “which is not part of the application, but identifies with the purpose of our Alliance. We have expanded our fishing lake this year and the peninsula is quite barren. We thought that today we would plant two trees together in memory of our cooperation, ”said Norbert Puskás.

After the welcome, Rita Juranovits-Racker thanked them for joining this program. “It was very good the afternoon three years ago, and we were delighted when Norbert Puskás contacted us to get a chance to repeat it. It is a great pleasure and happiness for our young people to join this program and give them the opportunity to spend their free time and get to know fishing, ”said the Disability Services Professional.

This was followed by a brief presentation on basic fishing techniques, such as assembling a spiccbot, split lead, and lures, all of which were provided by Decathlon.

Afterwards, participants will be drawn by their drawers and will be able to fish at a number of fishing spots. Sports anglers and people with disabilities formed a team, and everyone thrilled with great enthusiasm: they kneaded the groundbait together, put the rods together, and when the buzzer sounded, they started fishing with great hope.

Everyone had a sense of success in the race: some caught a carp in the first moment, while others caught a dinghy. All anglers were happy with the bite and the bags were full. They boldly experimented with the bait, using both five and three meter rods, and being close to the shore, they tossed the bait a little farther to try their luck. They were also excited about the results at the weigh-in, though it was already apparent that everyone was the winner of the day.

After reflection, a joint planting of trees around the lake ended with a willow and a birch tree on the island, symbolizing the cooperation between the two organizations.

The Vas County Association of Sport Fishing Associations then invited everyone to a dinner together, followed by the announcement of the results.

1st place: Sofia Takács and Zsolt Horváth 3710 g

2nd place: Réka Szilassy and István Fördős 3440 g

3rd place: Edina Bozzay and Imre Bősze 3360 g

At the end of the day, each participant received a gift, a medal for everyone's neck, and a fishing rod for fishing during the day.

Finally, Norbert Puskás thanked Árpád Bontó, manager of the Decathlon store in Szombathely, sole proprietor Zsoltné Geröly, and András Süle, the owner of Pesca Bt., For offering them gifts for this wonderful day. The event was a great pleasure for all participants, and everyone started home in the hope that we will be fishing together in the Iron Waters.

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