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Final results of Vasi Vizek's Best Sport Angler Competition Series

2023.11.08. Share

We publish the aggregated results lists based on the rounds of the county competition series in this article. Starting this year, the evaluation of our fishing competitions has already taken place in the FCMS (Fishing Competition Manager System), which has made our administrative work much easier. This is the first trial year of the system within the framework of our Association, so we ask the anglers participating in the competitions to carefully review the results and if they see any errors in the tables, let us know!

Final results of Vasi Vizek's Best Sport Angler Competition Series

From this year's announcement of our competition series, all competitions took place in both the competitor and hobby categories. A total of 45 people participated in the 4 rounds announced for hobby adults and youth. For competitors, there were 21 points-scoring starters in the 5 rounds. The 2023 championship started in Gersekarát in April, then continued with the Kéthatár-tó Cup in Kerkavalv on Labor Day, which was followed by the Abért-tó Cup in mid-May. On June 18, the final competition for the hobby participants was held in Magyarszecsőd, while the "fight" for the competitors ended with the two rounds of the Lukácsház County Individual and Team Championships in September.

In both categories, it was necessary to participate in at least 3 rounds in order for the results of the angler to be evaluated in the competition series. Only the results of the members of the member organizations of the Vas County Fishing Association were included in the overall evaluation. If the same score is reached, the fourth best result will be used to determine the final result, in the event of further equality, the weight of the overall score is the deciding factor.

The final results of the competition series can be viewed by category here:

If you see an error in the table containing the preliminary final results of the competition series,
please notify us at toth.milan@vasivizeken.hu no later than November 17, 2023!

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