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Dear Comrades! Due to the emergency situation caused by the second wave of the pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in Hungary in the autumn, a new mandatory (II.) Information note is again issued today on the procedure ordered in connection with fishing, angling and fishing sports events, was issued by MOHOSZ OHSZK, which was sent to you at the same time.


It is basic that during the curfew - currently until 11 December 2020 - it is only possible to fish individually between 5 am and 7 pm, and fishing competitions and events are not allowed. Please read the information available at the link below!

The information is available here: https://nyito.mohosz.hu/index.php/szovetseg/616-tajekoztato-a-sars-cov-2-koronavirus-okozta-vilagjarvany-magyarorszagi-oszi-masodik-hullama-okan- ordered-emergency-okan-ii? fbclid = IwAR3gVOjBLQP4EM6HKIPx6ZXk1FFGOVOcv98VuA1F2cOwTQnuGWZQi-NeoWA

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