Carp and grass carp arrived with the support of the association

2020.11.11. Share

During the predatory and bream program following the extraordinary annual carp stocking, adapting to the needs of the local fishing association, there was no stopping life in planting fish species of catchable size. With the support of the Vasvár Petőfi Horgász Egyesület and the Spartacus Horgász Egyesület, on Thursday the Vasvár lakes were enriched with 275 kg of carp and 25 kg of three-year-old carp, while 475 kg of carp and 25 kg of carp were added to the Újperinti gravel pit lake.

Carp and grass carp arrived with the support of the association

Regarding the planted quantity, we would like to note that the herbivorous grasshopper is a non-native fish species of Far Eastern origin, so its planting can only take place on the basis of a permit issued by the nationally competent fisheries management authority. in confined waters, even in small quantities. Our association has an official permit for the affected waters.

No fishing ban has been imposed since the installation, although catching carp in the cooling water, but especially the grass carp, will test the patience and dexterity of anglers, even according to experts.

We ask everyone to treat the caught fish with care during fishing, as unsustainable fish can also be injured, which, if released, can cause death in winter dormancy, or give rise to infections in spring warming water that can lead to fish death.

Let's protect the valuable fish stock of our waters together!

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