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A Children's Day gift for all young people

2024.05.22. Share

Increasing the number of child fishermen is extremely important for our association, and our main goal is to have as many people as possible fishing in the iron waters. It is a great pleasure for us that the number of our children exchanging state tickets increased again compared to last year. On the occasion of Children's Day, the Vas County Association of Sports Fishing Associations will present children under the age of 15 who have purchased a state ticket with a free daily fishing ticket valid for the Association's waters.

A Children's Day gift for all young people

The Children's Day gift area ticket can only be used on Sunday 26/05/2024 in water areas managed by the Association. It is important that the gift ticket is only valid together with a state fishing license and a catch log for water areas managed by the Association, under the supervision of an adult - from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. 3 kg of other fish can be kept with the free daily ticket. The state ticket for children costs only HUF 500.

The free daily ticket can be found in downloadable format as a document attached to the article or by clicking on the image, all you have to do is print it!

The state fishing license can be obtained at any of our distribution points during customer reception hours after free registration in the HORINFO system of the Hungarian National Fishing Association. Registration for the Hungarian Fishing Card can also be done at home , but our administrators are also at their disposal, for which the personal documents of the child and one of the parents are required.

This year, young people who have not turned 15 years of age can obtain their license by purchasing a state ticket (HUF 500) without taking an exam, for which they can exchange a day ticket or an annual county area ticket at any time in the future.


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