568 kg of fish were caught by the method feeders in the weekend race

2020.05.16. Share

The iron fishing season started on Saturday with the Iron Waters-Garbolino-Tacklebait Method Feeder Cup. With the alleviation of the epidemiological situation, the fishing competition was held among the first in the country in Vas County. At the end of May, the Method Feeder OB will be held on Lake Abért. In order to prepare for the qualifiers, the Iron County Association of Sport Fishing Associations, together with the brands Garbolino and Tacklebait, decided to hold this preparation competition.

27 people showed up at the morning registration, which can be said to be especially good in the current situation. Norbert Puskás, the executive chairman of the Vas County Association of Sport Fishing Anglers' Associations, and Tibor Geröly, the head of the Garbolino and Tacklebait brands, greeted the participants. After the rules were described, the lottery began, which took place in a special way with the epidemiological regulations in mind. A tag is a lottery www.tacklebait.hu was entitled to 15% discount on redeemable vouchers, which have been associated with a Spottedfin gifts.
Following the Draw, anglers took their places in three nine-person sectors, followed by bait and bait inspections. At ten o'clock the five-hour fishing competition began.
Already after the first hour, it seemed that in sector “A” the fish were moving better and the anglers were also reaching for the divers more often. In the first sector, Bálint Németh, who was fishing on the extreme track, had a row of 40-60 dkg crucibles and bream, and he managed to herd several carp.
Balázs Németh, who was drawn to the middle of the “B” sector, was ahead of Alex Csóka, who was fishing on the extreme course, with a catch of 31,500 grams with brilliant fishing.
Sector “C” facing the Gyöngyös stream was the poorest of the three sectors, but even there Áron Balogh needed a catch of almost 30 kg to win. A total of 568 kg of fish was weighed by the peccaries in the one-round competition, which meant an average catch of 21 kg. The sacks contained mainly carp, bream, and crucian carp, but there were also some goldfish and extra-sized dwarf catfish.
In the announcement of the results, the top six finishers received valuable Garbolino and Spottedfin as well as Guru equipment by their naming sponsor in the competition. The peccaries who reached the podium place could receive a cup and a diploma from a representative of the association.
Next Sunday at Vasi Vizeken - Damil.hu - Trabucco Method Feeder The competition anglers are waiting for the Cup, there are still a limited number of entries on the competition times page.
Bálint Németh (SHE from Ölbői) - 54,020 g - 1. hsz.
Balázs Németh (Electricians SHE.) - 31,500 g - 1 hsz
Áron Balogh (HEQ of Ikervári) - 28,860 years - 1 hsz
Once again, our heartfelt congratulations to the successful competitors.
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