The XV. Vas Water and Lands Elementary School Fishing Competition

2020.01.17. Share

The Iron County Association of Sport Fishing Associations among primary schools is already in the XV. times, launches the Vas Fishing Waters and Lands Youth Race. The change in the name of the jubilee event ("On the Earth") refers to the focus on new waters besides the popularization of fishing waters. The main topics of the competition this year will be the following: water, fish, fishing, environmental awareness by consuming local produce.

The competition is open to teams of 4 primary schools located in the area of activity of the Association - primarily in Vas and Zala counties. The competition aims to provide young people with an insight into the wildlife of Vas County's natural waters and the basics of fishing, as well as to focus on the consumption of locally sourced food with environmental impact in mind.

Our aim is to select food products that are produced as close to their place of residence as possible in an environmentally conscious way, thereby indirectly contributing to the protection of natural waters, when choosing the food essential for their livelihood. The contest is being organized as part of the project "From Pink to Raba - Fish as a Local Product" in the framework of the Call for Proposals VP6-19.3.1-17 - Preparation and implementation of LEADER LAG cooperation activities.

Teams competing against each other will compete in a two-round theoretical correspondence competition to achieve these goals. At the end of the correspondence rounds, the teams advance to an on-site quiz to find out which team is best acquainted with the Iron Waters. In 2020, in addition to testing your intellectual knowledge, there will be another team fishing competition.

During the quiz, four enthusiastic elementary school students (aged 10-15), an environment-friendly teacher (who is also the team leader), a regularly-read email address , creativity, team spirit, and library and internet are essential usage knowledge.

Entries are welcome through February 21, 2020 via the online entry form below.

Should you have any further questions regarding this quiz, please contact us at 06-95-506-835.

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