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Winter work is underway on the banks of the fishing waters

2024.01.26. Share

With the onset of winter weather, our professional and community fish wardens and our volunteer helpers began maintaining the shores of the fishing waters, which includes the removal of dangerous tree branches that interfere with fishing or parking, as well as broken, broken branches in strong winds, the maintenance of reed patches in the immediate vicinity of the fishing spots, the benches and review of other outdoor equipment and their condition assessment before early spring maintenance. For a few days, the harsh cold made it possible to treat the vegetation directly on the shore from the ice, but after the thaw, this possibility soon disappeared.

Winter work is underway on the banks of the fishing waters

The unpleasant weather did not hinder our employees and their volunteer helpers, so the Újperint I. no. Bányatav, Celldömölki Téglagyári lake and Park lake, as well as the shores of Vasvári Csónázátó and Gersekarát Sárvíztó have also been “tidyed up”, and where there are still delays, winter maintenance is expected to be completed in the coming weeks.

In addition to improving fishing conditions and reviewing equipment, winter maintenance aims to prepare for spring mowing and mowing, and to remove branches, stumps, and shoots that interfere with mowing. According to our plans, the maintenance works described above will be carried out on the shores of all our water areas by the end of February.

We would also like to thank our enthusiastic angler and non-angler helpers for the work they have done to help
so that visitors to the shores of our fishing lakes will find orderly waterside conditions in the spring!

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