We will protect the iron waters with MOHOSZ Halőr off-road vehicles

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On January 1, 2016, a new era began in Hungarian sport fishing. Commercial fishing in natural waters ceased, and by 2030 the Hungarian National Fishermen's Association (MOHOSZ), which had been significantly transformed and expanded in its tasks, became the lessee of most water areas. From 2019 the transformation of the central organization of MOHOSZ was completed as well, because besides the activities of the National Sports Association, the Association of Fishermen and Fishermen became the public service organization for the fulfillment of public tasks. while simultaneously securing resources.

We will protect the iron waters with MOHOSZ Halőr off-road vehicles

As a result of the legal changes that favored anglers, including the introduction of the Hungarian Fishing Card from the administrative side, as well as the increasingly simplified, electronic administration and the whitening of the system, the number of registered still rising. In the second week of October 2019, more than 552,000 registered anglers can be reported in Hungary, an increase of more than 165,000 over 2.5 years. MOHOSZ, which currently unites 26 regional federations, nearly 1,200 fishermen's associations, and 15 members with special status, including the utilizers of Lake Balaton and Lake Tisza, as well as the most important fish farmers, is the largest networked NGO in the country. waters and state-owned fish stocks, which are also recognized as national treasures.

The Ministry of Agriculture, through its contracts with the Fishermen's Association as a public-service and strategic partner, continuously and highly supports the development of the management of the management of fish stocks in state-owned natural waters through the allocation of the chapter the protection of indigenous fish stocks in water areas.

After successful completion of the public procurement procedures and subsequent contracting, the transfer of technical tools to support fisheries surveillance and the uniforms of fishermen have already taken place, and there are several ongoing processes to support waterfront environment and water quality improvement and support for it. And of course, the most spectacular of the technical tools is the uniform appearance, the special equipment and the modern service SUVs and motor boats. The first 20 off-road vehicles were solemnly handed over on the Danube side of the Budapest Association of Fishing Associations on May 4, 2017, followed by another 15 on October 25, 2018.

Today, at the traditional site, another 22 off-road vehicles have been handed over to the fishing association and 17 other successful fishing organizations, and they will appear tomorrow on the shores of Lake Balaton, the Danube and the Tisza and other significant fishing waters used by the winners. Based on the supply contract concluded after the successful procurement procedure, the net purchase price of the whole quota is HUF 165.88 million, which means HUF 7.54 million per car. From this sum, again, state-of-the-art vehicles, including three sets of wheel-mounted tires, a lining, a drawbar and a heavy-duty winch, were provided with the same inscription.

The assets are transferred to the end users with 70% non-refundable state and fishing association support, with a five-year user agreement, where ownership is automatically acquired at the end of the life cycle and if other conditions are met. The Ferry County Federation of Sport Fishing Associations received 4 fishing guard vehicles at Monday's handover ceremony, completely revamping the fleet of the Fisherman's previously won tender.

At the solemn presentation, Miklós Seregi, President of the Vas County Fishing Association and Managing President Norbert Puskás took over the keys and official documents of the vehicles from MOHOSZ. Following this, President Miklós Seregi wished the professional fishermen present in the Federation to work efficiently and safely, and then handed over the keys to their "new owner". Soon, new service cars will be on the shores of the Iron Waters.

With the recent acquisition, another major step has been taken in the technical and image development of a professional fishing organization monitoring system, which has more than 600 employees and has a law enforcement exam. During the solemn presentation held in the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Prime Minister's Office, the National Police Headquarters, the State Fisheries Service and the receiving fishing organizations, all cooperating partners appreciated the success and a community-based approach to the environment.

Dr. Zsolt Nyitrai, Prime Minister's Office of the Prime Minister's Office for Strategic Social Relations, said in his greeting that more than half a million anglers could count on the Hungarian Government in the future. He pointed out that since 2010, discussing their requests and suggestions, a series of joint decisions have been made that will broaden fishing opportunities, simplify administration, and thus help the anglers in their daily lives.

Dr. Lajos Szucs, Chairman of the MOHOSZ his closing remarks mentioned the important task to further expansion of the new approach should help to fishing and fishing tourism in the future to further develop efficient, but cooperative, the emphasis on prevention, on-site inspection. It is also widely agreed that, besides technical support, the moral and material recognition of everyday users, as well as support for the professional career of Halőr, is just as important.

The Iron County Federation of Sport Fishing Associations would like to thank MOHOSZ and all the bodies, organizations and individuals involved for their successful implementation of the procurement. MOHOSZ calls on Hungarian fishermen to continue to help protect and conserve wetlands and aquatic life in Hungary by treating both professional and social fishermen as partners, and through their personal role models.

MOHOSZ - For the protection and protection of the waters, the fish, the fishermen!

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