Waterfront works, maintenance on the shores of iron lakes

2021.02.05. Share

despite the changeable winter time, those wishing to fish were pleased to note that winter waterfront maintenance work had begun in the water areas managed by the Iron County Association of Sport Fishing Associations. Taking into account the weather, our full-time and commissioned fishermen, volunteer social fishermen and their helpers carry out vegetation and waterfront maintenance work on the shores of the lakes to provide cultured and accident-free conditions for visitors to the Alliance waters.

Waterfront works, maintenance on the shores of iron lakes
During the pruning of the waterfront vegetation and the pruning of the trees, our employees pay increased attention to the protection of the wildlife, only the plant parts that hinder fishing or are at risk of accidents are removed and collected. In addition, outdoor elements, benches, seats, bacon fryers and their colleagues reviewing the shores of the water areas used for fish farming will be inspected and repaired if necessary.
In the recent period, the association's fishing guards and volunteers worked along the Magyarszecsőd, Pinkamindszenti, Csánigi, Gersekarát lakes, Vasvár and Lake Nagypiriti.
Unfortunately, already in the first phase of the maintenance work, it can be seen that the environment of our waters is respected not only by those who do not like fishing, but also by some of our anglers.
In addition to the large amount of waste that is not “related to fishing”, some of our fish also “ensure” that bait boxes, feeder bags, etc. are added to the waste to be collected. can also be found. We find it sad that waterfront bacon ovens are considered by many to be a waste bin, and once again we are asking everyone not to put waste there.
We would like to draw the attention of our anglers once again to the fact that according to the valid fishing regulations of their Association, it is forbidden to fish in garbage dumps or to leave waste on our waterfront.
We respectfully invite hikers and anglers visiting the waterfront to take home with them and / or dispose of it as a “golden rule” of cultured behavior in nature!
Thanks again to the volunteer helpers for their work!

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