Vasi Vizek's best sport fishing competition series will start in June

2020.05.21. Share

Simultaneously with the easing of the restrictions caused by the epidemic situation, the Vas County Association of Sport Angling Associations has decided to hold its competitions for the rest of the year, so peccaries will have many opportunities to compete in both the hobby and competition categories this year. Thanks to the cooperation established with the Decathlon Sports Store in Szombahely, the most successful competitors in our competitions can receive valuable items in addition to goblets and medals.

Participation in our multi-round competition series called the Best Sport Fishing in Vasi Vezeken is free of charge this year as well, you only need to have a valid state and regional ticket. However, anglers intending to start in the competitor category are required to obtain a competitor's license in accordance with national guidelines. For more information on triggering a competitor's license, click here.

Professional anglers can compete according to national regulations, while hobby anglers have a looser regulation, so for example it is possible to feed or bottom. The explicit goal of the hobby category is to get as many anglers as possible to try racing in a friendly setting. In addition to adults, we also count on child and youth anglers. In our competitions, we award special prizes to those who start in the hobby youth category under the age of 18.

All competitors who have obtained their license in one of the member associations of the Association and are nominated for the Iron Waters Cups announced by the Association will automatically participate in the eleventh competition entitled "Best Sport Fishing in Iron Waters", which includes the following competitions:

Hobby category:

  • June 14, 2020 Vasi Vizeken-Decathlon - Carat Cup -> Location: Gersekarát, Lake Sárvíz
  • June 20, 2020 Vasi Vizeken-Decathlon - Molnár Cup -> Location: Lake Püspökmolnári
  • September 06, 2020 Vasi Vizeken-Decathlon - Abért –tó Cup -> Location: Lukácsházi Abért II. lake

Competitor category:

  • June 14, 2020 Vasi Vizeken-Decathlon - Carat Cup -> Location: Gersekarát, Lake Sárvíz
  • June 21, 2020 Vasi Vizeken-Decathlon Molnár Cup -> Location: Püspökmolnári Lake
  • September 06, 2020 Vasi Vizeken-Decathlon - Abért –tó Cup -> Location: Lukácsházi Abért II. lake
  • 2020th September 12-13. Decathlon - Vas County Individual and Team Championship (2 rounds, 2 * 4 hours;) -> Venue: Lukácsházi Abért II. lake

Out of the 3 competitions given in the hobby category, a minimum of 2 competitions, while in the case of the 5 rounds held in the competition, at least 3 rounds must be taken in order for the result of the sport fisherman to be evaluated in the competition series. Anyone can start in the competition series, but only the results of the members in the member organizations of the Vas County Fishermen's Association are included in the overall evaluation. 1-3 per race. placed goblet will be rewarded, they can be richer with valuable Decathlon prizes in both categories from the offering of the naming sponsor of our upgraded tournaments. The end-of-season winners of the categories will receive the trophy and the title of “Best Sport Angler of Iron Waters 2020” as well as an annual regional ticket valid for 2021 for the fishing waters managed by the Association.

Lovers of Feeder fishing will also find plenty of opportunities to compete within our county this year. The Vasi Vizeken-Garbolino Feeder Cup was already successfully held on 16 May 2020. This weekend, on Sunday, the Vasi Method Feeder Cup will compete on Lake Abért II, and then next weekend we will hold the qualifier of the Methood Feeder OB on Lake Abért. Unfortunately, the joint traditional, friendly fishing competition of the Burgenland Fishermen's Association and the Vas County Association of Sporting Fishermen's Associations held in previous years, as well as the Two-Lake Lake in Vas Waters, as well as the Official Fishing Competition, have been deleted from this year's calendar.

The vast majority of our associations are at the dates originally announced, or at a slightly later date, but they hold their own competitions for which they look forward to seeing their members. According to the current legal regulations, the holding of mass events is not allowed, so the VII. Scheduled for Saturday, July 11, 2020. For the time being, the organization of the Pinka Valley Fish Day is questionable. We hope that the improvement of the epidemic situation and the lifting of restrictions will allow us to receive our anglers and those interested with the most colorful and fun programs possible at the time originally planned.

Last year, our competitions were also extremely popular, there were rounds where the number of entrants exceeded 70, so it happened more than once that we had to close the registration before the deadline, due to the conditions of the competition venues. So it's worth submitting your entries to our competitions as soon as possible!

Competitors who register in advance but do not appear in two races and do not indicate the reason for their absence to the Federation will be excluded from the remaining races and will not be able to enter our races next year. (The sole purpose of this regulation is to prevent individuals who do not regularly appear at tournaments from being deprived of the right to enter by their entries .) Detailed announcements of the competitions and the entry area for the competitions can be found on the Association's website under the events menu.

We hope to be able to organize our races without interruption, but we reserve the right to make changes due to the current situation! Let's take care of each other!

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