They competed in two categories, two days at the Vasi Vizeken-Decathlon Molnár Cup

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Last weekend, the last round of our county competition series, the Vasi Vizeken-Decathlon Molnári Cup, was held. The shores of the Püspökmolnár gravel lake were filled with peces preparing for competition on Saturday and Sunday as well. First the entrants to the hobby category, then the next day the competitors competed against each other.

They competed in two categories, two days at the Vasi Vizeken-Decathlon Molnár Cup

On Saturday morning, 5 young and 26 adult anglers confirmed their pre-submitted registration. After the description of the rules, the draw for the over- 18s was supported by G yőri Likőr Zrt. With some “protective drinks ”, while the young people pulled out of their starting places with the help of table chocolates.

Then an hour and a half of preparation and bait inspection began. It was possible to start feeding 10 minutes before the start of the competition, and then at 9:30 a.m. Of course, 1 rod could be used at the same time in the competition and a maximum of 1 single-hook hook could be used on the rig. Both floating and bottom methods were allowed in the category.

Saturday’s overcast, windy, occasionally rainy weather at first wasn’t for the fish to get in the way. In general, using the majority method, he tried to hook a larger fish on a hook in the inner parts of the lake. The tactic didn't turn out to be very rewarding this time, so over time, more and more people switched to spinning fishing, which resulted in a good few catchers, accompanied by a few dwarf catfish.

Consideration following the blowout of the competition revealed that there was an outstanding performance in each sector. The first place in the three sectors resulted in a complex final result. The best of sector “C” was Gergely Paukovics (HE. Ikervári) , with around 4000 grams. His catch fell short of that of his other two sector-winning counterparts, so this time he had to finish with his bronze medal. In second place, Gábor Bálint (Körmendi Munkás HE.) , A fisherman in group “B”, finished with a catch of 7120 grams. The absolute winner of the competition was Máté Koltai (Kéthatár-tó HE.) , Who weighed 8280 grams.

There was a big competition among the youngsters for the brightest medal, in this close fight the youngest starter of the competition, Bors Ivett (Spartacus HE.) , Finally won, with 1840 grams. Dávid Sánta (Körmendi Munkás HE.) Was able to stand on the second step of the imaginary podium with 1620 grams. The third was Rebecca Szabados (Spartacus HE.) With 700 grams.

As the best lady competitor, Imréné Fekete (Fish-Farm SHE.) Received a special prize courtesy of the Decathlon sports store.

On Sunday, it was the riders ’turn to showcase the best of their knowledge. In previous years, the participants had not yet met in a competitive environment on this lake, so there was a prospect of an exciting day.

This day was also coordinated by our member of the competition committee Imre Gerencsér , and the drawing of the 16 starting places was again with the help of the offer of Győri Likőr Zrt .

According to the competition notice, it was only possible to fish here using the floating method. There were no irregularities during the bait check either, everyone complied with the relevant limits in a sporty way. After feeding, the four-hour race could begin. The weather didn't show his prettier face either, the riders were in trouble with the high winds and the rain. The scenario for Sunday’s race was a bit similar to Saturday’s.

Initially stacked, then after it didn’t bring the expected result, they fought with a match stick, and finally with a tip stick for the decks representing the rankings. Eventually, in addition to a few carp, cormorants also got plenty in the sacks. Of the 2 sectors developed, the one located on the island was the strongest. On the north side, it was harder to catch the fish in the higher winds. Regardless, the field was pretty even.

Of the two sectors, Tamás Borsos (Spartacus HE.) May have been a little disappointed at the end of the day, as his catch of 4080 grams was not enough for the medal, so he closed in 4th place. The third place required a catch of more than 5 kilos, which also came together for Dániel Sipos (Körmendi Munkás HE.) , With bronze around his neck.

A little over 300 grams in total decided between the two best anglers of the day. Attila Vámos (Spartacus HE.) Was second with 6820 grams, while Zsolt Horváth (Szentgotthárd HE.), Who finished second in the Karat Cup last week, has now managed to get the first place.

In addition to the cups and diplomas, gift vouchers were also distributed from the offer of the main sponsor of the competition, the Decathlon store in Szombathely. The prizes were handed over by the main organizer of the competition, Imre Gerencsér, and Norbert Puskás, the executive chairman of the County Association.

We would like to thank Imre Gerencsér and his wife for their persistent work all weekend!

The competition series is now heading for a little summer break, next time we will meet at the Lake Abért Cup on September 6, 2020!

Congratulations to all starters!

The following results were obtained in the competition:

  • Competitor:
  1. Zsolt Horváth - Szentgotthárd HE. - 7,160 gr.
  2. Vámos Attila - Spartacus HE - 6820 gr.
  3. Dániel Sipos - Worker from Körmendi HE. - 5020 gr


  • Hobby adult:
  1. Márk Koltai Máté - Kerkafalvi HE. - 8,220 gr.
  2. Gábor Bálint - Worker from Körmendi HE. - 7,120 gr.
  3. Gergely Paukovics - HE of Ikervári. - 4,000 gr.
  • Youth:
  1. Ivett pepper - HE Spartacus. - 1,840 gr.
  2. Sánta Dávid - Körmendi Munkás HE.- 1,620 gr.
  3. Free Rebecca - Spartacus HE. - 700 gr


Best female competitor: Imréné Fekete - Fish-Farm SHE. - 1,520 gr

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