The Government supports the cause of fishing locally and nationwide

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The Hungarian National Fishermen's Association (MOHOSZ) and the Vas County Association of Sport Fishing Anglers held a joint press conference on Thursday about the joint achievements and developments of Vaskeresztes in recent years. The meeting was attended by Dr. Csaba Hende, the Vice-President of the National Assembly responsible for legislation, the Member of Parliament for the region, who actively supports the developments and initiatives of the Vas County Association of Sport Fishing Associations.

The Government supports the cause of fishing locally and nationwide

Norbert Puskás, as the vice-president of MOHOSZ, greeted those present and said that the number of anglers registered in the member organizations of the National Fishermen's Association had increased from 300,000 to 770,000 by the end of last year. The organizational system of MOHOSZ includes 26 regional associations and 1205 fishing associations, the largest non-governmental organization in the country with the mentioned parameters. In addition to the work of many fishing leaders, competitive athletes, fishing guards and volunteers, this outstanding result has been achieved in the last few years by the Government's view of fishing and MOHOSZ as strategic partners.

One of the first and most important results of this partnership is that MOHOSZ and its member organizations have been granted the right to fish in natural waters for non-profit purposes. It was a historic decision for anglers that commercial fishing in domestic natural waters ceased in 2016. There are currently 2,221 registered fisheries management areas in Hungary. Of these, 84% of the total area, 134,252 hectares, belong to the organizational system of MOHOSZ. We have summarized the national achievements of recent years in an information publication entitled 'Alliance with Anglers', which contains accessible and factual information for all. We can learn from the publication that MOHOSZ uses state subsidies to support fishing vehicles (eg off-road vehicles, boats), uniforms, fish protection equipment (eg night vision goggles), waterfront maintenance machines (eg lawn mowers, chainsaws, etc.), and provided techniques to help preserve and improve water quality (eg pumps, aggregators) - with 30-50% self-sufficiency - for territorially competent fishing organizations.

MOHOSZ has also helped the introduction of native fish with priority tenders in the last three years, with more than 150 fishing organizations receiving a total of HUF 450 million worth of fish stocking support. MOHOSZ has so far spent HUF 227 million on the upbringing and education of fishing organizations (eg fishing camps, professional circles).

Miklós Seregi, the president of the Vas County Association of Sport Fishing Anglers' Associations , said after the national information that the Association currently operates in the area of 1397.19 ha as a public non-governmental organization as the owner of 44 Vas and 6 Zala fishing waters. In terms of the number of anglers, we managed to further increase last year's record - 11,082 - adult and child anglers to 11,524. It is a great pleasure for us that out of this number of members, the number of our children exchanging state tickets was 1,781, which is an increase of 127 people compared to 1,654 in 2020. The Vas County Fishermen's Association regularly and successfully participated in the internal tenders of the Hungarian National Fishermen's Association. In the last 4 years, more than HUF 50 million in support has been received in Vas County on the MOHOSZ branch, which enabled the complete renewal of the organisation's car fleet in Halő, the expansion of waterfront maintenance facilities and the implementation of many other useful developments.

The organization also received regular support for autumn bream and predatory fish stocks. The President emphasized that the dynamic development of the Association of Sport Fishing Associations in Vas County had been facilitated in recent years by other state and regional tenders in addition to MOHOSZ. For example, the local Leader applications, which gave the organisation's Iron Cross fishing tourism center a 42.0 KWp smart solar system, 8 high-performance split air conditioners and a heat pump boiler. Remaining with the Leader applications, he said that with the consortium partnership of the municipalities of Vaskeresztes and Narda, they managed to expand the fishing lake in front of the Association through a joint tourism tender, which was also an old goal of the Association. The organisation's fishing community programs (eg Pinka Valley Fish Day) also received regular support, which was also a great help in their day-to-day operations. The extraordinary development of the last years is well symbolized by the result of our last tender, in the framework of which we managed to buy a plot of land in the neighborhood of the Association with the help of the Hungarian Village Civil Fund program, because we have grown our "home". said the President. Out of the HUF 5,895,000 support received, in addition to the purchase of the area, a 140-meter-long fence was built, which was completed in a few days.
In closing, Miklós Seregi said: “Even though we are the largest non-governmental organization in the county, we would not be able to implement such developments from the amount received from the membership fee of fishermen. In order for us to be able to create such an environment and developments, the active fishing-friendly attitude of the Government of Hungary and Mr. Csaba Hende, Member of Parliament, was necessary for this. On behalf of all the fishermen of Vas County, I would like to thank MOHOSZ and my representative. ”

Dr. Csaba Hende, the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly responsible for legislation and the Member of Parliament for the region, said: “ they are represented by the leaders of the Vas County Association of Sport Fishing Associations. They are constantly working, in a highly professional way with their colleagues and volunteers, to develop the fishing community they represent. Congratulations! I can assure the iron fishermen of the results that have been achieved and of my further support. ”

Following the press conference, the invited guests viewed some of the fishing and waterfront maintenance tools presented in the publication “Association with Anglers” as well as the expansion of the area implemented within the framework of the Hungarian Village Program.

The publication "In Alliance with Anglers" is available online by clicking here.

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